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Ayurvedic massage


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Ayurvedic lymphatic drainage massage with curative plants “World of Beauty – Jamululur”

90 min


Ayurvedic lymphatic drainage,highly skilful and relaxing Polynesian massage with curative plants for body,face and reflexogenic body points. This massage helps treating lymphatic,venous and artery blood circulation disorders. It also eases back pains,muscle tension due to incorrect posture and shifting position of pelvic bones. It moisturizes,regenerates and effectively treats skin ageing.

This massage includes use of unique Polynesian curative elixirs and balms.

BAS (Biologically active spots) face and body spot massage

60 min


Biologically active spots massage combines acupuncture and massage. This massage has been used in Oriental medicine almost 2000 years ago. Spot massage means treating BAS with finger tips. This helps improving blood circulation, regulates activity of internal secretion glands, improves metabolism, removes pain, stress and muscle tension, soothes and stimulates vegetative nervous system, releases vital Qi energy. This massage has positive curative effect against many disorders, while healthy patients gain physical strength.

MANA LOMI massage “Joy of Life”

60 min


It is luxurious and exceptional whole body massage,also known as whole body “freedom and love” massage,which comes from ancient times. This massage includes use of Joyce Oil,Love Oil,Freedom Oil and Baume Tropical cream with skin rejuvenation formula. This massage relaxes nervous system,treats body,mental and emotional disorders. From the very first procedures it helps releasing from daily routine,stress,sadness and depression. Skin becomes soft,fresh and shiny; lymphatic drainage,microcirculation and detoxification improve.

Joyce Oil key active ingredients:

- Tropical nut oil (nourishes physically and mentally);

- Celery oil (liquefies);

- Sicilian tangerine oil (balances);

- Oriental sandal (phytohormone);

- Hawaiian vanilla (compensates lack of love);

- Italian peach oil (brings feeling of plenitude and satisfaction);

- Strawberry oil (brings euphoria).

Psychosomatic effect: deeply harmonizes,brings smile to your face and joy to your heart,recovers joy of life.

Skin effect: feeds,softens,and improves oxygen circulation. 

Unique VAHDI VEDA longevity massage “Snake Root”

60 min


VADHI VEDA (longevity) therapy is one of the most secret Ayurvedic curative therapies,which harmonizes human’s physical,mental and emotional conditions. It evokes Kundalini,gives body permanent energy and improves overall wellbeing. This massage helps solving problems related to overweight,obesity and increased lymph nodes. It is especially recommended in cases of hypothyreosis and lack of stamina and happiness. It also helps reducing depression,lack of self-confidence,physical fatigue. This massage includes use of elixirs and curative oils that have great effect towards skin,body and sympathetic nervous system. 

SPA treatments for body and soul harmony

Anti-stress and efficiency improving procedure “Feel Tranquillity”

90 min


Procedures of mineral water pool,body peeling,and body smeared with honey,Turkish steam bath,shower,head and back massage,Thermo Lotion.

Massage duration: 15 minutes.

Procedure “Internal Harmony”

120 min


Procedures of mineral water pool,body peeling,and body smeared with honey,Turkish steam bath,shower,aromatic – relaxing whole body massage,aromatic massage oil “Aroma Massage & Bath Relaxing”,face mask and face massage.

Massage duration: 45 minutes (Body massage – 30 minutes, face massage – 15 minutes). 

Procedure “Source of Wellbeing” (Light legs)

90 min


Procedures of mineral water pool,body peeling,and body smeared with honey,Turkish steam bath,shower,royal Ayurvedic Thai foot massage,and Active Foot Gel pH 5.8.

Massage duration: 20 minutes.

Turkish bath and massage No. 3 “Aphrodite”

60 min


Body washing,peeling with honey,steam bath with aromatic herbal extracts and dry-air baths,Jacuzzi and mineral water pool with underwater streams and cascades,whole body relaxing massage (includes use of nutty oil). This massage improves blood circulation and metabolism,stimulates performance and recovery of body functional systems,and relaxes muscle and nervous systems. Massage duration: 15 minutes. 

Body and face treatment with German cosmetics “BABOR”

Face and neck procedures for men with “Babor” skin care products for men

60 min


Cleaning, care, peeling, preparation with lip and eye serums, massage, face mask. For dry, sensitive, combination or oily skin.  

Face and neck procedures for women

60 min


For dry skin - cleaning,care,peeling,preparation with lip and eye serums,massage,face masks with “Vita Balance” products.

For sensitive skin - cleaning,care,peeling,preparation with lip and eye serums,massage,face masks with “Calming Sensitive” products.

For combination and oily skin - cleaning,care,peeling,preparation with lip and eye serums,massage,face masks with “Perfect Combination” products.

Purifying and glow-giving for all skin types - cleaning,care,peeling,preparation with lip and eye serums,massage,face masks with “Selection Ultimate Treatment” products.

Massage duration: 20 minutes

Face, neck and neckline procedure, strongly regenerating stress-affected skin

90 min


Cleaning,care,peeling,preparation with lip and eye serums,massage,face masks with “Advanced Biogen” products.

Massage duration: 20 minutes

Hot lava stones massage Scen – Tao “Feel Tranquillity – Feel Aroma”

90 min


Body cleaning,face masks with serums, hot lava stones massage.

Quick refreshment of mature skin. Face and neck procedures.

30-40 min


Cleaning,care,peeling,preparation with lip and eye serums,massage,face masks with “Selection Quick Vitality” products.

Massage duration: 15 minutes

SPA treatments performed in the hotel “Violeta”

Aromatherapy massage “Isis I”

60 min


Individual anti-stress whole body massage with ethereal oils. Gently strong,light and deep massage moves and ethereal oils quickly relax overworked muscles and nervous system in case of physical fatigue and increased irritability. This massage helps removing nervous tension and inhibits stress effects,helps overcoming depression,stabilizes emotional condition and brings back the feeling of self-confidence. 

Body peeling with natural aromatic herbs and body wrap

45 min


Body peeling refreshes skin,brings luminescence and removes skin flakes. Skin becomes soft and more absorbing nutritive materials. A whole body wrapping improves this effect. This procedure is not only relaxing – it also helps preparing skin and body for the benefits of other procedures. 

Classic lymphatic drainage body massage

45 min


Light,lymphatic drainage whole body massage. This massage improves blood circulation and metabolism,stimulates performance and recovery of body functional systems,and relaxes muscle and nervous systems.

FACIAL TREATMENT and massage and self-warming mud mask for back or feet “THE YOUTH”

60 min


It is an exclusive rejuvenating treatment. The technique of this procedure and applied products smooth out the surface of your skin and deep wrinkles,the skin becomes softer and more radiant. During the procedure,for a special osteopathic facial massage,sea products with marine plankton and Mori orchid extracts created by using biotechnology are used. For deeper relaxation,during the procedure, foot or back massage as well as self-warming mud mask are performed. For this treatment PHYTOMER cosmetic products are used.

Procedure duration - 60 min. Massage duration - 50 min: facial massage - 35 min,back or feet massage -15 min.

Foot procedure “Light legs”

45 min


This is a pampering procedure for your feet. Intense peeling with aloe and oil improves blood circulation in legs,removes dead cells and rejuvenates skin. Rich herbal mask removes sensitivity,eases and inhibits inflammations. Procedure ends with legs massage and cream. Legs become soft,tender and light. 

Individual classic massage “Olympic I”

60 min


Strong and sports-kind classic whole body massage. This massage is performed according to the clients’ needs and possible disorders. It could be more active or softer. It could also be more focusing on certain body parts – i.e. legs,back or problematic zones. This is a gently strong and deep-effect massage. 

Massage “Honey”

60 min


Lymphatic drainage,skin cleaning and caring whole body massage with honey. Honey cleans skin pores and deeper layers,improves tissue metabolism. This massage improves oxygen circulation and cinders removal. Active ethereal materials penetrate into deeper skin layers and improve regular metabolism and sebaceous structures metabolism.

Procedure for hands “Softness”

30 min


This is a pampering procedure for hands. Hands are cleaned with softening agent,which is followed by increasingly intensifying peeling. Mask refreshes hands skin. After the mask is removed,the procedure ends with hands massage and soft cream. Hands become soft and the skin colour  - lighter. 

Procedure with massage “Harmony”

75 min


It is luxurious and relaxing whole body massage and face procedure: lymphatic drainage whole body massage with rose oil,face cleaning with oil and herbal extract that improves blood circulation. Procedure includes face mask of champagne yeast,which makes skin fresh and luminous.

All massages use only natural olive and grape seeds oils. Biologically active ingredients enhance massage effects by deeply penetrating the body through skin,blood circulation and lymphatic systems. These ingredients also relax and heat tissues,improve skin elasticity. 

Facial and body care procedures with “Pevonia” SPA cosmetic line

Body exfoliation treatment "Silk"

45 min


During a particularly fragrant procedure dead skin cells and impurities are removed,epidermis receives cleansing,negative ions are relaxed. Your skin gets energized,it becomes as soft and delicate as silk.

Contrary to other SPA exfoliating products, salt with papaya and pineapple is a holistic product that restores a healthy and live skin due to a powerful relaxation of negative ions. After the exfoliation your body will receive the application of papaya and pineapple balm.

Facial, head and shoulder procedure "Lightness"

50 min


Deeply relaxative neck, shoulder, head and facial massage matched with facial treatment relieves stress, relaxes and in company with products chosen for face - moisturizes, nourishes smoothes out facial skin as well.

Facial treatment "SHINING"

70 min


It is a new,anti-age treatment providing visible and instant results guaranteed by the latest natural ingredients (collagen polypeptide serum) and their passing of the product to skin system. It gives a rejuvenating effect. Balanced combination of products gives elasticity,tightens flabby and wrinkled skin. Moisturizes dry,oily and combination skin. Renews irritated,flaky and damaged skin. Energizes matured,tired skin. Masks are also chosen according to your skin type and condition. 

Holistic body and facial care treatment "Bliss"

105 min


Combining full body exfoliation, mud wrap, facial massage, facial mask, head massage, full body balm massaging. The procedure by applying Tropicale products for body and face is intended for anti-aging of body skin, improves the results of smoothing out of facial wrinkles.

Nourishing full body skin treatment "Tropical pleasure"

70 min


Energising body exfoliation, particularly pleasant, refreshing, powerful anti-aging wrap, application of tightening Tropicale line cream alongside with head massage gives fast relaxation. During the procedure the skin gets deeply nourished and rejuvenated, roughness and wrinkles of body skin are reduced. This nourishing treatment is recommended for early ageing for all skin types.

Rejuvenating body skin treatment "Velvet"

60 min


Skin tightening body exfoliation with anti-age foamy papaya and pineapple salt, application of tightening and anti-age papaya and pineapple body balm results in an instant skin refreshment, it energizes, softens dry, coarse spots, stimulates bloodstream, rejuvenates skin and makes it as soft as silk. The intoxicating smell of papaya-pineapple extract products will enable the experience of an extremely pleasant relaxation during this procedure.

Tightening, moisturizing and skin nourishing treatment "Tropical outbreak"

70 min


Bloodstream activating full body exfoliation, skin moisturizing and nourishing body wrap and cream application tightens, moisturizes and nourishes your skin, smoothes out wrinkles. The course of the treatment and applied products stimulate fast relaxation and wellbeing. Recommended for instant body skin revitalization.