Thank you note

 It is the best medical institution with the staff of high moral standards and perfect care of the patients.                Really high level service.  With gratitude after the heart surgery.





I was in Draugystė Health Resort on February 15 to 18, 2019. 

The staff was friendly, my respect to them. They are the people who love what they do and feel great responsibility. I am grateful to nurses Reda and Rūta for their professional work, warm communication.  I wish you all the best and be healthy! God bless you all!





Dear colleagues at Draugystė Health Resort,

I am grateful for rehabilitation, time well spent, great care and valuable advice. I would like to express my special gratitude to my doctor D. Jankauskienė, who is the top level professional, for the attention and warmth, as well as the expert advice. Massage therapist D. Uglikienė is also the real professional, the warmth of her hands will stay in my memory for a long time. Great work is done by kinesitherapist  A. Bosaitė, physiotherapy nurse R. Gaidienė, gym kinesitherapists. A big thank you for the canteen staff and villa Kolonada personnel. I wish you all success at work, stay healthy and all the best for you and your families!




My deepest gratitude to the representatives of the most noble profession. Top professionals work here. It is a very friendly and warm atmosphere here. Thank you for your smiles and support. Thank you all. The biggest thank you to kinesitherapists Mindaugas Vaina, Jūratė Petrėtienė and their staff. I wish you strong health and great patience.




 My gratitude for the chef Ona Jančiulienė, who works in the Draugystė canteen and offers quality food, creates healthy and diverse menu. We would also like to thank massage therapist Irena (room 117) for her professional work. We would like to express our gratitude to the General Manager Violeta Kaubrienė for aesthetic culture and sensitivity which helped to create a unique health resort atmosphere. Because of that we wish to come back to experience the cosiness and care.

Best regards,






I would like to express my gratitutde. I have been to this health resort for the second time already. A big thank you for the medical staff for professional work, warmth, empathy. I am also grateful to Nijolė in sales, for her understanding, smile and support. I am especially grateful to kinesitherapist Artūras, who is a real professional and takes his work seriously. A big thank you to nurse Laima for her diligence and responsibility at her work.





Ignas Šerkšnas is an excellent massage therapist. I also loved the pool and saunas. Recommend to everyone.





I like your health resort very much, great service by Nijolė, Reda. Thank you to the massage therapists and water treatment.

I will recommend you to everyone.




 I am grateful to the staff for excellent work, especially to administrator Nijolė Bujakauskienė, Reda Mockevičienė. The weekend was perfect.

We are definitely coming back!





Dear doctor Danutė Jankauskienė,

I would like to express my gratitude for your help and warmth, for all the attention and bringing me back to life.




 I would like to thank all the health resort staff for their smiles, service, politeness, attention. I was pleasantly surprised by the neat environment and interior, even the hall Vingis.

I wish you all the best!

Thank you.





 Sincere thanks to all the staff of the health resort. Thank you for your treatment, nursing, nutrition. May the coming year be generous and happy for you.



 I would like to say thank you to the wonderful canteen staff, for excellent, fresh and delicious food, quick and polite service.

Good luck to you all!

Dear doctor!

I would like to express my gratitude for your professional work and encouragement.

With respect, your regular patient



 It is very pleasant to come to your health resort. I was given outpatient rehabilitation. Thank you very much for all the staff. I am grateful to doctor Danilienė, massage specialist Vilma, kinesitherapist Mindaugas.

With respect,