Japanese imperial KOBIDO facial massage, 60 min.

Price EUR

Kobido massage is the most effective natural method that improves the condition of skin and facial muscles, slows down aging processes, restores balance of body and emotions. Special technique, abundance and variety of motion create a massage that meets the needs of any face. Fast and slow, deep and gentle massage movements stimulate facial skin and muscles, stimulate lymphatic flow, improve blood circulation, brighten the skin, provide lifting effect.


Facial treatment with PHYTOMER YOUTH products: massage, self-warming mud mask for back or feet, 60 min.

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Exceptional rejuvenating procedure. Technique used and PHYTOMER products help to smooth the skin surface and deep wrinkles, refresh and soften the skin, give it a glow. For deeper relaxation, foot or back massage and a self-warming mud mask are applied.

Massage 50 min. Facial massage 35 min., back or feet massage 15 min.


Hand treatment - Tenderness, 30 min.

Price EUR

Hand nurturing procedure. Hands are cleaned and exfoliated. A refreshing mask is applied, there follows massage with cream. The skin becomes soft and refreshes the skin.


Feet treatment - Light Feet, 45 min.

Price EUR

Feet pampering procedure. Feet scrub activates blood circulation, removes dead cells and rejuvenates skin. Mask reduces sensitivity, soothes, has anti-inflammatory effect. Massage with a cooling cream. Feet become smooth, soft and light. Massage 20 min


Personalized Swedish massage - Olympic, 60 min.

Price EUR

Sporty classic full body massage according to the client's individual needs. Massage relaxes muscles, improves blood circulation, relieves joint pain and emotional strain.


Aromatherapy massage - Isis, 60 min.

Price EUR

Personalized anti-stress whole body massage with essential oils relaxes muscles, relieves fatigue, reduces irritability, suppresses stress, stabilizes emotional state - raises mood level, has invigorating effect.


Massage - Honey, 60 min.

Price EUR

Full body massage with honey to cleanse skin pores. Honey penetrates into the deeper layers of the skin, nourishes it and supplies oxygen, restores tissue condition. Active substances improve metabolism and activate the metabolism of fat structures.


Classic lymphatic drainage full body massage, 45 min.

Price EUR

Full body massage which improves blood circulation and activates metabolism, promotes the functioning and recovery of the body's functional systems, relaxes muscles and strengthens the nervous system.


Treatment with massage - Harmony, 75 min.

Price EUR

Luxurious body and face relaxing treatment. Facial cleansing to improve blood circulation. Massage with essential oils. Champagne yeast face mask which refreshes and brightens the skin. Biologically active substances enhance the effect of massage, deep penetration into the body activates the circulatory and lymphatic systems, relaxes and warms tissues, improves skin elasticity.