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Draugystė Health Resort has accreditation for the following outpatient rehabilitation profiles I and II:

  • Cardiovascular diseases;
  • Nervous system diseases;
  • Musculoskeletal system diseases;
  • Respiratory system diseases;
  • Digestive system diseases.


Patients who come with THIF certificates for outpatient rehabilitation are entitled to physician counselling and treatment procedures.

The price list for accommodation and meals (buffet) three times per day you can find here.                                                                      (link to the heading Additional charges)

When THIF certificate is issued, you have to come to the health resort within 5 working days. Patients who are in stable condition without fever are admitted for medical rehabilitation. If you feel unwell (fever, aggravated pain, etc.) after discharge from hospital or university clinic, ask your GP to reassess your condition and decide if you can go for medical rehabilitation. You will not lose your rehabilitation treatment, it will be postponed until you have fully recovered. All you have to do is apply to your local Health Insurance Fund for a new certificate.

For patients who have not received the THIF funding for rehabilitation we offer health resort treatment packages: All Inclusive Treatment package, Standard Treatment package, 7 Day Stress Reduction program and Body Detox program.

Patients, who have THIF certificate, have to present:
  • Extract of medical records from the attending physician (form 027 / a);

  • ID;
  • Compensated Medication Pass;
  • Personal possessions (toiletries,  swimwear, rubber slippers, sportswear, etc.).
Procedures refunded by Territorial Health Insurance Funds:
  • kinesitherapy;

  • massage therapy;
  • physiotherapy;
  • therapy and counselling by a psychologist, social worker, speech therapist;
  • common clinical tests, biochemical and functional tests.

The directions for medical rehabilitation and health resort treatment are regulated by the Order of the Minister of Health of 17.01.2008. V-50 “On the organization of medical rehabilitation and health resort (anti-relapse) treatment”. This (with new editions) and other orders of the Minister of Health can be found at Other relevant information on rehabilitation treatment can be found at:

Additional procedures available for rehabilitation treatment:
  • High mineralization baths;

  • Healing mud applications;
  • Underwater massage procedures;
  • Herbal tea coctails.
Additional charges

There is a possibility for outpatient rehabilitation patients to choose the accommodation in the health resort for the treatment period.

Additional charges to THIF certificate for Outpatient Rehabilitation I and II for meals three times per day and accommodation:

Central building - accommodation in a single standard room and a double mini-suite - 39 Eur, a triple mini-suite - 25 Eur, a double standard room - 29 Eur, an apartment - 45 Eur.

Villas Kolonada and Vingis - accomodation in a single standard room and a double mini-suite - 39 Eur, a double standard room - 29 Eur.

Villa Nykštukas - accommodation in a single standard room - 39 Eur, a double standard room - 29 Eur additional charge.