Hydrocolontherapy (deep colon rinsing)

EUR with physician‘s referral

The purpose of hydrocolontherapy is to eliminate toxins, parasites and slag from the intestine. The result of the procedures is an improvement in bowel function. Hydrocolontherapy or a bowel cleansing procedure is simple, but highly effective: mechanically and biologically purified water is added to the large intestine under low pressure using a special US-made machine.

Hydrocolontherapy should not be used in case of oncologic bowel disorders, intestinal diverticulitis, diverticulosis, fistulae, ulcerative colitis, Crohn's disease, abdominal hernias, gastrointestinal bleeding and perforations, cirrhosis of the liver, uncontrolled hypertension and heart failure, aneurysms, less than 6 months period after abdominal surgery, kidney failure, acute trauma, pregnancy. You should consult your doctor if this procedure is recommended for you.


Psychophysical training

EUR with physician‘s referral

It is a procedure for physical and psycho-emotional relaxation. During the workout with a medical psychologist-specialist guidance, with music in the background, through proper body position, proper breathing and autogenous attention, control muscle tone is adjusted, heart rate and blood pressure are stabilized. Regular psychophysical training helps to reduce sleep and anxiety disorders, increases tolerance to physical pain. Psychophysical training skills can be applied independently at home later.


Paraffin bath for hands

EUR with physician‘s referral

EUR without physician‘s referral

Paraffin bath treatment will not only warm your hands in the cold winter, but also will help to get rid of dry skin, peeling and cracking, provide skin moisture, improve blood circulation, strengthen nails. The procedure is useful for reducing symptomatic pain in cases of arthritis, bursitis and chronic muscle inflammation. This procedure can be used after fractures and dislocations, tendon sprains, movement disorders, scarring, and when heat treatments are appropriate.



Herbal cocktails

EUR with physician‘s referral

No. 1 Soothing the nervous system.

No. 2 Triggering bile secretion.

No. 3 Gastric mucosa sparing and acidity reducing.  

It is highly recommended to consult your doctor regarding the best herbal cocktail for you personally