Treatment complex includes:

  • accommodation;
  • breakfast, lunch and dinner - buffet;
  • physical medicine and rehabilitation doctor consultation, designing a treatment program;
  • daily treatment procedures, one from each group:


  1. Daily high mineralization bath filled with natural mineral water from one of the most salty wells in Lithuania called Draugystė:

High mineralization bath Sūrutis / Sūrutis pearl bath / Sūrutis herbal bath / Sūrutis pearl herbal bath / Turpentine bath / Pearl turpentine bath / Mineral water pool with saunas.

  1. Underwater massage / Classic head, neck and shoulder massage 15 min. /  Swedish massage 15 min.
  2. Intense group exercise* / Intense exercise with workout equipment and other kinesitherapy equipment *.
  3. Herbal cocktail for digestion / soothing nervous system / bile duct cleansing; 
  4. Physiotherapy: Jonoson impulse stimulation or pain relieving currents / interference currents / ultrasound / electromagnetic field therapy Bemer3000 / magnetolazer / light therapy with Bioptron / inhalations.


Doctor consultations, clinical, biochemical and radiographic examinations, internal organ echoscopy and other diagnostic and therapeutic procedures are available at extra cost.

Please check-in after 12 p.m., check-out before 12.00 p.m.

*- The procedure is not available during holidays.