Aim of the program:

  • Reduce overweight;
  • Boost metabolism;
  • Restore normal gastrointestinal functions;
  • Teach the basics of a healthy lifestyle;
  • Improve the general functional state of the body.



  • Accommodation in a type of room selected;
  • Meals three times per day – buffet;
  • 2 physical medicine and rehabilitation doctor consultations, designing a treatment program;
  • Calculation of daily energy demand;
  • Digital 12 - lead ECG with findings;
  • Cardiovascular system assessment by diagnostic veloergometry to determine exercise tolerance: optimal heart rate and maximum arterial blood pressure, and evaluation of cardiac blood supply during maximum exercise;
  • Biochemical blood tests: glucose level in blood, full cholesterol and its fractions presence in blood findings. 



  • Underwater massage, every day 20 min.;
  • Turkish bath complex No.3, 1.5 hours at Wellness and Beauty Center Aphrodite, every second day: body wash, salt exfoliation, herbal steam sauna and dry air sauna, jacuzzi, mineral water pool with underwater currents and cascades, relaxing whole body massage 20 min., 3 procedures.
  • Bile boosting tea with honey and digestive smoothies at Fitobaras everyday;
  • Physical exercise twice a day (indoor cycling training or Nordic walking or treadmill).

Please check-in before 12 o‘clock.