About us


The rehabilitation center “Draugystės sanatorija” was established in 1962. Since then we have been providing adult inpatient, supportive and outpatient Rehabilitation II services. The rehabilitation center specializes in treatment of nervous, circulatory, respiratory, digestive system diseases, diseases of musculoskeletal system as well as treatment of ionizing radiation diseases. We also provide disease prevention, recreation and relaxation SPA treatments.

In 2005 – 2006 JSC “Draugystės sanatorija” carried out the project “Development of Accommodation and Tourism Services UAB “Draugystės sanatorija” worth 9 million litas. The project was supported from the European Union Structural Funds. 3.05 million litas were provided by the European Regional Development Fund and the Budget of the Republic of Lithuania as a support for the implementation of the project. The aims of the project were to increase the competiveness of the company, develop and improve the quality of the services.

On 1 August 2005, the reconstructed hotel-villa “Vingis” belonging to the rehabilitation center opened its doors. The villa, capable to accommodate 70 guests, has been included in the Register of Cultural Heritage of Lithuania. The guests may enjoy a beautiful view of the bend of the river Nemunas through its windows. There are 35 perfectly equipped rooms, a modern recreation centre with saunas, a swimming pool and hot tub and a café restaurant.

The main building of the rehabilitation center was renovated in 2006. The facade of the building was renovated; all the windows and the roof were replaced with the new ones. The rooms were repaired and equipped with new furniture and carpeting. The southern part of the rehabilitation center’s territory is equipped with an outdoor swimming pool with underwater massage jets, cascades and sun bathing areas; there also are sports areas and two tennis courts.

On 30 November 2011 JSC “Draugystės sanatorija” successfully completed implementation of the project “Modernization of the Closed Joint-stock Company “Draugystės sanatorija” and Reconstruction of the “Kolonada” Villa” financed from the EU Structural Funds. The overall value of the project was LTL 5 million, of which LTL 2 million were provided by the European Regional Development Fund; the remaining part of the investments was covered from the funds of the JSC “Draugystės sanatorija”.

During the project, the villa “Kolonada”, which is capable to accommodate 75 guests, was fully renovated. There were equipped cosy, modern rooms decorated in an artistic way and a café gallery “Mūza” of an exceptionable design.

All rooms of the rehabilitation center have satellite TV and are equipped with a telephone system; there is an Internet connection for the customers and employees.

During implementation of the project the rehabilitation center was equipped with a modern system of management of rehabilitation center activities allowing effective planning of customers’ check-in, fixing of times of treatments and their use, tracking the customers’ payments for the services rendered and creation of different packages of services meeting customer requirements.

The implementation of the project creates conditions for providing high quality treatment and hotel services for a wide range of customers and allows successful cooperation with Lithuanian and foreign tourist agencies and healthcare organizations.

Our deeply rooted traditions of rehabilitation center-and-spa treatment, the beautiful nature, the cosy environment of the resort, which become more and more beautiful every day, and our rapidly developing infrastructure of tourist services will help you to have a good rest, recharge your batteries, forget about your worries and have a wonderful time.

You are always welcome here!

Benefits of “Draugystės sanatorija”

  • Deeply rooted traditions of rehabilitation center-and-spa treatment;
  • All buildings of the rehabilitation center have been renovated using the European Union funds;
  • Wide range of treatment an health-improving procedures;
  • Highly qualified personnel;
    • Individual dietary nutrition programs in accordance with the needs of protein, fats and carbohydrates;
  • Healthy herbal cocktails, teas, bitters and balsams offered in the tea bar “Fitobaras”;
  • A cosy 4-star Hotel “Violeta” for 40 guests on the picturesque bank of the River Nemunas;
  • Two 50-seat conference halls for the guests;
  • Full of activity evenings and concerts in the Red 200-seat restaurant hall;
    • In the rehabilitation center there are a plein air gallery of M.K.Čiurlionis works and a park of stone sculptures by Ž.Lipšicas.
  • Effective seven-day stress reduction, weight loss and weekend programs;
  • A wide range of SPA procedures in the centre “Afroditė” and hotel “Violeta”;
  • An outdoor swimming pool with underwater massage jets, cascades and sun bathing areas and two tennis courts.

History of “Draugystės sanatorija”

The rehabilitation center “Draugystės sanatorija” has celebrated its fifth decade. The construction of the main building of the rehabilitation center was started in 1953. In April 1962 he first holidaymakers came. The building of the rehabilitation center, which had been constructed for ten years, was the most beautiful and best equipped building in the resort of Druskininkai.

In 1963, the “Draugystės sanatorija” was given the status of the main rehabilitation center of the republic, and there was established a cabinet of methodological and organizational work. The rehabilitation center hosted the advanced training course seminars for doctors and nurses, research and practice conferences and symposia of Lithuanian resort medicine specialists. The scientific research laboratory of resort medicine, which had started its activity in Druskininkai from 1957, moved to the premises of “Draugystės sanatorija”. Its scientists, doctors, biologists and chemists spent three decades studying the natural healing factors of Druskininkai resort and their potential in the treatment of patients. The research results were summarised in treatment methodologies and recommendations for the doctors of Lithuanian resorts. During that time there were defended three doctoral and thirteen candidates’ dissertations in Medical Science on gastroenterology, cardiology, locomotive system, gynaecology, pulmonology, ophthalmology and dermatology.

The specialists and scientists of the laboratory of “Draugystės sanatorija” provide the methodology to the organizations rendering medical and preventive services in the resorts of Lithuania. They have made a significant contribution into the development of the resort medicine science in Lithuania.

In 1973, after “Draugystės sanatorija” was merged with “Dzūkijos” rehabilitation center, the number of places grew from 300 to 630. The rehabilitation center provided treatment of cardiovascular and gastrointestinal diseases. There was established a library with a large number of books where was a department of specialized literature for the health professionals working in Druskininkai resort.

The joint-stock company “Draugystės sanatorija” was established on 27 January 1994. During the period from 1993 to 1994 the management and administration of the rehabilitation center was reformed in accordance with the Articles of Association of the joint-stock company. The economic activity of the rehabilitation center was reformed as well; its facilities were constantly improved.

During the period from 1996 to 1998 were repaired and reconstructed the villas “Kolonada” and “Nykštukas”. In 2001, there was opened a beauty and health centre “Afroditė” with a swimming pool with mineral water, saunas and massage rooms. The hotel “Violeta”, which was given 4 stars, was built in 2003.

In 2005 the joint-stock company “Draugystės sanatorija” received help from the European Union. The funds provided were used for full reconstruction of the villa “Vingis”, renovation of the building I and installation of an open-air swimming pool. It is a distinctive health centre with rest and sunbathing areas, tidy sports grounds and tennis courts.