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See, can not help getting a fright, how lead thus of quick!Still have 20th, minute to is!Put on that white of and the shoes of Gao Wu's cm, face to took a look before dressing mirror before walking, smile, the shape in the mirror lets oneself's confidence double;Although there is some accelerations in the heart palpitates, can't, who let is going to see him!

In the morning, after a long while ago calling us, he then the crest wore cape to go out and took hoe head or sickle in hand, Moncler Zip Up Puffer Jacket Fuchsia Women Outletarrive in the evening very late just come back.He goes toward the stone Deng of the front of door ascend on sitting, rub a blade of grass smoke to fill into him that long stovepipe inside, again take out his kerosene lighter of that old style to spark, beautiful the United States of start to absorb smoke.Finish just threaten to call an elder sister or is that I beat for him to wash feet water to wash feet, end again use the hand Lue that he just once washed Lue he that took it as an honour of long beard, just entered a house to have a meal.We the day every day live then and like this, although not abundance, also happy.Summer vacation, the father came back, although the world of outside is fine, but money difficult Zheng, Moncler Zip Up Puffer Jacket Fuchsia Women Outlethis two hands are home again,we are still happy.

But exactly is a girl, even if long grass so stupid didn't feel consumedly walk crowd in scarcely can and the boy distinguish of girl, also still occasionally have the girl's solitude.On this day, probably is legendary"black Friday", the long grass incredibly feel that the solitude can not mediate. Cleft of having a meal, Moncler Zip Up Puffer Jacket Fuchsia Women Outletshe lowered the head to turn over to see a next address book.

Precipitated a short moment, I hugged her to go into a bosom, we are still young now, your business just start, but I …the anyway current condition wasn't suitable for matrimony, so …beat.She is just the chest that is quiet to lean on me, didn't talk, the ice-cold liquid soaked through my dress Jin.

We sit that day the city is outside lately- opened to reply the stairs of the empty building of reading the class up, do nothing of the ghost pull.Is very quiet in campus, big uncle's at ease in the Wei door smokes smoke, we are guessing that where dormitory building is, where is a dining room, only have the teaching building of 3 F.The text that up writes replies a, the text replies two, and the reason replies 123 etc.s.

I am to just a little stare blankly for a while, I meant to say "you work properly of double eye very fine United States, you are like the clear water lotus of that vegetable vegetable, the Qing city Qing country, also Qing I the heart of this juniority" at that time can I but can not control feelings of say:"Why?Did my handsome fan pour you?"You shake.

Different meeting he and then from the huge in drilled out, originally sparse number not much of hair as getting an electric shock sign.Return to doorway, he piled up his procedure of that sign to turn smiling face to say again:"Small sun, tomorrow morning directly come to this top of roof lesson and then go.Matter of reporting I help you whole Be getting over."The father quickly connects a track and in brief chatted severals and then left later on.

"Was taking the beam Qiu that the fire lights smoke wood to originally mean to say:If"listen a teaching of wife", but words haven't exported, door again Mao be of one closed, connected down is the voice that more rings a more far shoes to wipe ground, Qiu wood has to chase a mouth a side and abruptly swallow belly once inside, crustily the skin of head finishes taking out the smoke in the hand and embraced to change to do laundry to walk into to take a shower.

Therefore she sometimes thoughts of a words, "not clean virgin", immediately feel very funny. The disaster always all think, oneself is different from the other people.Oneself is more intelligent, more lucky of, more outstanding. Primary school yearly school class celebration ceremony, host all from the disaster serve as.Rise national flag weekly of preach, also from the disaster lead the way.

A train with lonesome trip the return back and forth once opened from my life, it made me understand an affair, I don't like this world and don't like at all.The dust of covering with curls up, misty my view.I at railroad tracks a side the deep slumber lead many rude afternoons, I again and again do a beautiful dream, there is a beautiful youth in that dream, at under the sky of blue act, that fire red setting sun side, again and again shout my name.