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He closed lightly purse one's lips Cape, open there are some bitter and astringent smiles in one and pass a letter to me, from the briefcase in take out a book, tore the next page paper, write a name and a string of telephone number. "Pond just like", I picked up paper, "trust, I contact her for you right away.Not, not", he quickly puts a hand and have a little guilty and then hurriedly the ground say:"Or wait I to walk hereafter contact again."Finish saying, ashamedly dynasty I smile.

I love to write poem and particularly like to write some slightly take grieved of small poem, in think of to ownly come and go in the pleasant breeze bright moon.

Know to all, Kai Er especially the person's brigade ever since that time last match quarter released to add inside especially, Pierre Si, have already got into to rebuild, no longer have the real strenght of pounding at the champion, be can get into a playoff, have already not too cared.

The old daddy's first half livings to describe with frustrated misery.Wasing born in is poor of the village family is the fourth kid of home, birth catch up the ages that China suffers famine hungry belly just.Starve a person isn't a rare matter at that time.I not know that grandfather and grandmother are how to once stand that days, really young and small at that time because of old daddy, he also not know, however canning thought of is absolutely not easy.However O.K., the whole family wasn't starved.Father at the age of 5, Moncler Vertical Quilted Front Zip Jacket Navy Outletthe grandfather is housebound to die, the impression of the father to the grandfather is very and misty limited, just once said the grandfather is a good person, in addition to this, don't have other informations to the grandfather.

New Year blesses The day with no telephone, we like to write the time that the greeting card had a cellular phone, we like to deliver a message and now, the tiny letter eliminated a message again greeting card this year almost disappear completely no longer tiny letter of message scene again very consume discharge to band together Be returned to band together the wish that I can still feel come from the classmate war ally of close relatives friend because of, I believe this ages and will be more and more pure clearly more and more harmonious public will more and more warmth is more and more transparent this is also the wish that I send to China Son's birthday Very early before the son not too liked to lead a birthday with parents together last year, the son invited classmate to have a meal for rice finished eating to make a telephone call call the old daddy covered up list subsequent and classmate the KTV self-help is novel and stimulate to still be free from interference to unrestrainedly grow up to be getting more different this year, the son early and early tells this year's birthday not at outside have a meal to invite classmate to come home in have a meal me to ask why he answers too waste last year the birthday spend many money classmates all say to have never eaten the satisfied horizontal Shu relatively feels still the home eat real benefit to see to a son to also start strictly carried out 8 to stipulate the center of the policy enjoy the popular support is from the school will more ascend 1 F in grasping effect floor in fact, the adult is very understand of the birthday puts a home over again sweet again save money do parents of tired is also happy Ride bike before down I feel that the breeze has a little for 2015 years cool before down that kind of is deeply rare cool to keep bottom of the heart can my not afraid someone says breeze for 2014 years also the very cool many people iron fetter ties up a body to be involved in a jail that is to do ungrateful act money again also can not buy temperature more even if don't blow heart is also coolly can I not afraid I earn warm I of enough temperature with the docile loyalty the warm world breeze also still pares off can I list dress list the trousers ride a motor car to hum ditty carefree even if is poor a poor two whiteses only the heart is clean so self-willIs early spring me am your wish

33, Buddha Yue:Smile to face, don't put blame on.Naturally, as one pleases, degage, according to situation.Destine to let a whole life change of, just after a hundred years, that flower blossoms of time.

A, the jailbird retreat one-step custom foolish display of skill before expert toss around into a traveler Forward the one step loves satirize and sneers at to say self-contained comprehend to change into the abyss of time of lonesome Because wait for who reserve oneself's riddle, devout freedom wear youth Allow a years vicissitudes of life Two, deprave you have no dint to turn round present condition the close relatives comprehension not your persistence the lover say that you cheat the cashing note of commitment so, revolting is living of departure, the tears fantasizes a world only even you only And then, you the cowardice be then returned to in the clout to destine the left side tender feelings honey idea the right side stranger limits of the earth to shut worthy of a look drill into money eyes of the inside have no blood have no meat awl heart sting bone pain not come to you to drift about to indulge in a life of dissipation medium you approach perdition Three, the mentally dense Be so many to is beautiful or early or late decorate the Chi person's dream hence, there are cosmetics silk stockings, the outcome of high-heeled shoes and face beauty toxic substance elimination blurs out essence of pure But the temptation tightly hold tight desire not to put Cinderella, other place, wander about, the benefits gradually decays realistic of not perfect mind and body abruption is with not, falsely with really a more terrible than a crimeFour say NBA

The evening that announces result, the home all collectively suffered from insomnia because of me.In the night in my memory particularly of calmness.Imitate the whole world of Buddha to be like to play in 《the day after tomorrow 》 of movie of be all so sealed by the ice.Subsequent day inside, my hiding in own cabin doesn't dare to go out, Moncler Vertical Quilted Front Zip Jacket Navy Outletthe humorous wit father also wrinkled up eyebrows, and the mother still kept cooking a meal on time, but the vegetables is more and more monotonous.

Flow to turn in the four seasons in however time thus and in a hurry and cherish to take each a moment accolade to rejoice and worry a person to raise a cup pure tea to invite work properly heart to have a conversation to rise heart to read a companion along with the romantic affair smoke rain setting sun clouds of many colors to fly again all of touched lightly go into poem The migratory bird starts to support wing, I know that it misses Gao Fei that flies it isn't the jailbird in the cage Is why the need for frightened that high road in the sky far and elusively could not predict in the past of in the future teach the person how to learn need not wait for Having no end to only have forever is standing alone of figure and always always from a distance pilgrim Carrying in travelling bag is full unknown have no to slowly go forward facing from the of life and death that didn't interrupted clearly bright Wipe a shoulder with deep good luck reunion but lead Tu to leave light sorrow light sorrow after numerous transmigration of souls Because the deep autumn poem heart depth in every year year didn't marvel probably romance but has no worry in uncertainty this to lead long bowel to always with no regret throw in the spring autumn of coming to the dream One song is superficial to flow in the soft voice the companion wear light You joss-stick to let go of to enjoy in retrospect heart to have no a dust a thou to adjust to linger around setting sun inclined shine on Gu to copy aGu Zhen difficult sleep

The voice that listens to spread a man in telephone, "small Cui how are you, free?I have a little a matter to think to talk with you, this morning 10:00 the first floor in the yellow river hotel see.""What matter?Is so hasty, so early beat?""The good matter, two of us' business, went to hereafter again ……" telephone hanged.