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The common saying says:"The contented often enjoys".However, can attain"contented" of what it is little also. Hence, the happiness wipes a shoulder but leads.

Right away the double knee kneels down, the hands are embraced to a front, sorrow make reference to:"People Fu Xing Deng Ming Feng is the people.

"Say, she opens handbag, from wrap in take out one big 梱 money, passed to say in the past toward Wang Xue Rui:"This is 1,000,000 dollars, be regarded as in expiation of to you.Deng Fang, you saw a wrong person.I ain't Pan to follow the United States that kind of people, please take back!"Wang Xue Rui says.

There is the window of sunlight, have flower to appreciate, there is book reading, would be fine life, since then simple fare, have to also make the heart abundant, Moncler Vertical Quilted Front Zip Jacket Black Outletso as to get away from the likeness of living the surface.

The coach roars with laughter:"You listen to Li Wen Bai's words to ascend the south mountain point to up listen to!The student that I take out is at least three months!Take a certificate."I say;"Did this boy Zha become so?Who all cheat." The coach says:"Hum, can he not and so be a vice-president of school?" I say:"I seek him and see his Zha saying to 40 days." The coach says:"Ha ha, too simple, examination of time what he said not calculate, handed over Jing to say calculate.

I mean to say feelings not is an occupancy, also not is every day together will have much good, isn't also who leave who cannot live.I like that kind of together better, separating can also live good feelings.I worked well a later meeting together of preparation, also worked well the preparation that you will leave.Seem of getting into the stock market people, Moncler Vertical Quilted Front Zip Jacket Black Outletdon't work well the mental preparation of all deficiencies, afraid is a bull market also knowing dirty can not stand.

Almost the 見 doesn't arrive Ni Zan, the stone big wave, Zhu Da, Huang Gong Wang superior artistic work like that, their construction comes out of that kind of is profound unfathomable, the wild Yi fixs kind artistic conception, usually is can only idea meeting, can not talk to spread, pen and ink wit and humour, too subtle to be described, go together with poem, book and print, is also a person is too far behind to catch up now of, this is it two;Plank material painting, after had painting paper, painting in China's 1,100 in the last yearses are to make a painting with the painting paper.Before the 沒 has painting paper, probably what materials all use.The ancients is on the wall, paint on the wooden board, this is helpless to raise, can not help but is it.There is so good painting paper today, but someone draw a 囯 painting on the wooden board, also beautiful it read "break material".I think that this kind of"break" is to walk a slanting way.

" Sung?《Plum flower 》 of Wang An Shi:"Corner of wall several plums, traverse cold open alone.The Yao knows to isn't snow, for have dark joss-stick." These magnificent poem, is pure the snow, plum like jade, inwardly Jing joss-stick of the poetic charm write don't have taste.

Like work well a few tasty again aroma complete food, looking at son Yu to eat voraciously so, is a how happy affair!Still have already tidied up home follow carrying on smoothly be, clean and neat Shu friendship, that not only is living a comfortable affair, but also is the tasty problem of a hostess.Chu rather studies in primary school grade 45 start in household chores, lighten father's a lot of burdens.So the father meets a person then Kua Chu rather reasonable ability, the of the same neighborhood also all knows that Chu is rather reasonable, who not Kua is she a good girl!The son Yu never cries up.Because his in the mind only has the ideal of painting and painter.Go home and then enter den each time, immediately after closed door.

Because the circuit isn't that familiar, our hard journey arrives to the time of seven inside ditches, is already a noon 11:30, everyone attends to not and up appreciate lovely view, is facing fluvial shade under a tree to seek a good place, then fasten good suspended bed and push open table and carry meal to come up.This time, we are to have have since then:Bring 6 suspended beds, can be provided as everyone to by turn take a rest, there is certainly also flourishing lunch, such as the big rice, steamed dumpling and other staple food etc.