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“We are basically living the ages in a tragedy, consequently we don't wish to is taken by surprise.The catastrophe has been already come, we are placed in ruins in, we start building up some lately very small habitats and embrace some new small hopes.This is very a kind of demanding job.Have no one to lead to a future broad avenue now, but we are twists about to go forward, or climb to aid an obstacle but lead.No matter turn everything upside down, we must live.

Teacher, do you know?Does that kind of feel?So the many people says that one-time teacher in the senior high school leaves us recent, also the most close.

Small Mo with once pulled a clothes to throw on then next the bed open a computer, the cellular phone rang in this time, Moncler Phalan Fur Trim Puffer Coat Women Outletin the empty dormitory seem to be particularly loudly.Stare at the name of oneself's boyfriend of screen, temporarily don't know to connect to still don't answer.How should explain, Moncler Phalan Fur Trim Puffer Coat Women Outletthis is silent the surprise with meticulous care preparing Be about to be strangled in the embryonic status.Have so for an instant, the airs all imitated a Buddha to be held up.

In November, autumn Gao Qi Shuang, have no the big sun of summer, also have no the bise in winter.Looking at ten thousand inside clear sky, I make decision and sought you! Took car for moving of 40 minuteses, what to buy was a station ticket, stood by the side of the door, looking at the thing of car outside quick flash across.Don't think that the anything neglects to see the person whom oneself likes, Moncler Phalan Fur Trim Puffer Coat Women Outletindeed as expected is a happy affair for the first time.

Unfair treatment, not drive the result for approving, be not accepted of comity, not lenient heart life, not warm family, not kind natural affection, and the disfunctional character, oneself is subjective in majority of eyeses of people of this worlds on of from vulgar, thisThe etc. of the etc.Sad childhood situation, all became to influence he from now on particularly is important reason.

The Hou thanks everyone to come to visit by 13563765715 province gold people's teacher Xiang Zi Di Xuan Rens of Jining City of Shandong of thunder, welcomes a point to review and thanks everyone.Wish everyone's source of money to widely enter, successful.

The woman not and greatly thoughts of future& mdash;—Also forgetting their hard at the same time is past——So god knows they exactly have what can think!

The summer Mo sees Su's sun for the first time, is in her beginning three in test of time . Struggled for three years, summer Mo formally of fill while volunteering a book up once the city win three big words, the summer Mo is comfortable one breath, came out computer building.

Doesn't matter poor and humble rich and honored, can lead as one pleasesly like-this is what I want to say to I every day.Though now lives some Jies according to, I still like thus quiet day, simple, mild, there is annoyance, there is enrichment, there is also dream.Say a dream, she is like a far beyond the horizon good friend, I will respect her and remember fondly her, but can't give up all strongly look for her, because I know, the original intention of dream is fine, if I go for broke anxiously and pursue her but neglected nearby those beautiful scenery, whether against dream of original meaning?So, I learned at a contented and convenient the mild heart look for my own dream, have no anxious, there is no worry anxiously, taste a life quietly, calm face living in of point intravenous drop drop, which afraid is displeasedly also good ……however say that these seemed to be a little bit to run...

His thou for use now and the ocean is convenient reading method is how of reality, can say like this, the very short horoscope speech says to condense the career that he reads from cradle to the grave, or canned also say to is a summary.The reading gives he brings of abundant and the nourishment is unprecedented and can not even compare.If use big poet, Chen Zi, of tang dynasty to rise of disappear the ancients before the poem, Moncler Phalan Fur Trim Puffer Coat Women Outletdisappear the future but talk behind, that is the really the most to the point however of fact.