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I am a person of Zhuo, also a person with not so good power of memory, not is record not to live"God " , be is record not to live own price.

Grandmother teaches my most words be:No matter arrive any time, the other people can despise you, oneself can not despise himself/herself, only oneself's heart is enough strong, the other people are shots Kua not yours.

Roam about at pleasure world the traffic accident come one and half years, the brain remnants things of the past becomes cloud and mist.Go back and forth difficult sleep of night alone, actually and what day return to previously.Such as if is the whole don't save, rather and only Teng arrive limits of the earth.Just think to meet an old friend away from home, resolutely settle down joy to open Yan.

I take tea just in order to take tea, heavy in the nature, heavy in wit and humour, heavy in the lingering charm.I completely agree with prose master the week get alone with others one text at his 《drink tea 》 in elaborate of tea way.He says:"Drink tea, the meaning of the tea way, say with the ordinary words, can call to steal a moment of time in favour, have a good time in the bitterness, seek pleasant a little United States and harmony at the present generation of the incompletion, realize permanence in the in a flash."I reviewed 1 time, was really Right-o.

As time passes, you mutually invite doing obeisance of scar a top will also much I am a name, although knowing is just ceremonious,I also set up for not to know, barefaced go each time.Even make people follow you, a time of pretend with you to fortune upon. Your boating visits lake, my etc.

true I am sorry, I walk first one step. I a smile"clinch a deal!" Face this beautiful man, I can not but carry on!This spoony's trouble, at last can not change …… I saw his a long time, the nose was very wet. He put on a my nose and said with smile"am I handsome?" I am natural to foolishly and hurriedly nod. He played to descend my head, I "blare"ed 1.

I indeed as expected drive beautiful scold, this time Zhen Jiao how have no fire up sprinkle oil? Originally our Zhen Jiao the big spoony made a spoony again, I also abandon of saw one eye, the the guy that calls wood breeze. This guy is indeed as expected very handsome, eyes very strange, is red and brown.The boys all take beautiful Tong now, I didn't want to say more as well what.

The Shan Shan always feels to will have a certain time, at turn round of distance, or lift an eye to hope of one step of Yao, a kind of thing in as in lead each other, then meet.Need not be astounding, need not deep feeling sea, which afraid only a smile of earnestness, warm and bright and beautiful, also enough. However she still really has never thoughts, this person will be that the week son is clear. Have already signed a winter, the night raining is particularly cold.

Liu Xin went home to take money and arrived to a people hospital and pressed the husband to say of hospitalized department the third floors are 318 buildings.Liu Xin Yi entered 318 buildings to see husband's staying by the side is hasing intravenous drop of the old man is exactly that to wear a soldier coat and wear a dog to drill a hole hat to pour at the old man on the ground. Haven't come yet and talk with husband, the police was 318 buildings, she said the spot circumstance.

Hence raise head to stick out chest a way:"You kill me, otherwise you don't think that to bury!" Widely and and see one small five Be not willing to walk, small to five boxing feet mutually add, Zhao Peng and Zhao Zhong also comes forward to help a villain do evil and start to hold a wood rod dynasty five small up beat to go, five dozens of small get the head break a blood, on the brink of death just give up.