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She really is cant not bear to orthoptic her beauty, imitate a Buddha to be like one noodles magic mirror, feel that oneself in the mirror grows to more and more be like her stepmother of Snow White.Her statures at this time has already grown to one meter seven, the mold of standard especially shape.She looking at so her, the look in the eyes is pure chilly, talk from take thin cool, how?Are you this rugged likeness of the deceased looks, also want to own boyfriend?After flying to listen to often, one Nu is just preparing a palm to pare off to pass by.Didn't expect the Zhang declines in the other party face, but is held tight, she facial expression despise ground say, I think, for you this kind of is safe to all become the person of harm to say, Moncler Oversize Collar Hooded Puffer jackets Plum Women Outletmay don't need to be done to defend body technique for the whole body.But I am getting more different.She lightly floats ground to say, imitating the Buddha is a matter outside the body.

12 cutthroats sit on the horseback and take a mask on the face, is a rat, cow, tiger and rabbit, dragon and snake, horse and sheep, monkey and chicken, pig and dog respectively, the mask of 12 Chinese Zodiac Signs, seem to be ferocious under the moonlight, terrible.The Piao caught quickly and careful next, their weapons are incredibly dry skeletons stick, legendary dry skeleton stick.

Pig eight quit to hope to watch from a distance on all sides, he is finding out the road of opposite shore, the brook spreads in front full the red thin ground floret of the whole hillside, and there the small log cabin sub- top slowly rise of chimney smoke.Pig eight quit have been coming over here from the distance, have been lookinging at those florets and slowly chimney smoke.Then he saw that standing alone girl, she sat on the river bank like a princess.

On seeing, what what what to see is a scenery, think is a person, read is yesterday, use yesterday's oneself starts today's words and says his/her own analysis with tomorrow's direction, decade can change to a phrase, but a read have to analyze to come from F want of stage dialogue, this not easy, also need to be accumulated, even need the way for judging, the way includes three kinds of, 1 kind is the time that faces big tree be it as an enemy, be still friend, or is close relatives, the Yao is in the future and mutually that oneself invites of person, each time renew own reading, renew own phrase language, speak own comprehension, speak to ownly turn, the second, be drop a clanger to face big tree, say the appearance faces future and say the solitude faces himself/herself and say helpless face own heart, what to say is deeply sink of still desolate of, let oneself undertakes of is the beginning of words, is also the destiny of life at the challenge, the third, ask the big tree plants of time, think at the time that big tree chopped down, the leaf was a whose, Moncler Oversize Collar Hooded Puffer jackets Plum Women Outletthe tree cans make what, analyze its future, judge to ownly follow behind, control a minute of words, challenge analysis for a day, judgment belong to oneself, the destiny belongs to time.

A person of time, think nearby, clothes and yesterday's time, the heart moderates facing of tomorrow and try and ask how to do better, how face better, promote oneself to need time, promote words to need phrase language, Moncler Oversize Collar Hooded Puffer jackets Plum Women Outletbut need to be studied, even need to read heart, see a person, see a matter, guess to read and guess far and really and really miss?Has the leave of leave ever guessed?The matter walks person's spreading is good luck, the words walk person's coming to is a life, someone says you are wrong, say for someone you are silent, you still have destining of life, and the future table writes, must control silent question and answer on the time in no man and look for own mirror and shine on reading of way.

The husband isn't very good either to her now, the day leads not and satisfactorily!" Drink tea, drink tea, don't say that disappointing words!"I see contain feeling in her eyes, lovingly looking at me and start to carry cup to say.I am immediately a bit embarrassed, the whole body uneasiness asks:"Drink, looking at me why and like this.Why not knowing?See you, feel to be like to meet close relatives.I is already'two pots of'(knot two marriages of), to'three from four virtuous'also see thin.

On the drill ground, small lake side, libraries all left they intimate figure.On the first, the male friend lend a bicycle, take she to park in play, she shout jump like sparrows, all the way joys song.Road through a residue soil road, the bicycle is slanting inclined on one side inclined, almost fall down.Remaining of the panic, the male friend is a bit angry:"Is so difficult to walk, don't know to get off!"Ni Ni Zheng Zheng, didn't say what.

You say that you understood my writing and also saw my graceful and restrained and conceal, saw through my soul more.The writing is oneself is talking to own mind open heart, can not say graceful and restrained, disappear light not good, Moncler Oversize Collar Hooded Puffer jackets Plum Women Outletsee is what problem, tactful, is also an art skill.But the open heart of heart musts be natural and completely naked.I can feel that the growth reaches agreement to take off in the writing, that is to examine one's conscience to bring true answer.

"Do you mind if I become a friend with you."This is that I remember a deepest words.As I am hearing that sentence, the concussion doesn't want to shout out already and almost:"Certainly......Can."I didn't almost and never once think the ability and you so the excellent person becomes a friend, with your joys voice joke.The mother wants to leave and leaves me, isn't a divorce, but the spirit that livings father, say to leave for several years, come back again.You sit I of body side, comfort just at weep aloud of I, that time of I, really need such a comity.Under your consolation, I stopped weeping over.The mother also persuades at father under, don't walk.When I got sick, you also asked for leave to the teacher and neglected the Mom and Dad's objection and got to sickroom alone in guard me, you were tiny tiny to me on smiling while being me to start to see you, that for an instant of you, really and how pretty, how pretty.

Recovery of voice invoke warmth in spring and then gradually approach in this or white snow is that fades in color a memory with past obviation more or is a rubber but carelessly chafes the water color that time draws in February the slender willows started having outline to also start filling to start putting on in spring in spring since the color memory slightly gradually warm rising of the sun a time the Teng that hopes for this year fly spring my eyes in of simple because of its beginning misty memory because of beginning drive later of fascinating cover up be like the romance of beginning A year the four seasons a year one summer autumn of transmigration of soul spring the winter see the current affairs honor versus dishonor sigh years Cang cool we are in this fixed procedure walk for a long time with as for forgot the desolate winter in the very hot autumn of turning head the hope summer of seeing all springs of coming and going the four seasons of lonely eyes cautiously listen to in breaking and continuously and continuously winning to resound to be like lines to can not find a direction to shut the natural voice make track for that difficult to express and delicate all the year round is like also came with world to be in love at a time not understand who to who wrong sometimes don't want to love but can not find to lend sometimes want to don't want to put it away but don't know how love to love for a year you are once cold to treat coldly to fall more than 100 days to change a temper all the year round you are the mind that I love to hate to hand over to add all the year roundGuest who comes uninvited