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Chock:There is big tree in the west sea Chungchou, the Fang China joss-stick is several hundred insides, be named to return a soul, and as well returns to living joss-stick.People of this world once heard it to remoulded an absolute being soul, strange effect came back from the brink of death, Moncler Nylon and Jersey Zip Hoodie Black Outletbut never someone personally once saw. (A)"the Yi Yi of蘭 , 揚揚 its joss-stick.Don't adopt but wear, at the 蘭 He 傷 .The Xuan of today, its He 為 however.

Is young at that time, the brain turns quickly, my reason keeps annoying to strongly say:“Great leader chairman Mao calls for youth student three good, the work is wellamong them so much of a good, the other people made a work, what attitude are you ?Is support and help's other people to make work better and still keep pointing hand painting feet, this is the position problem!

The mother cooks a meal in the kitchen, the father leads long the cow to inside in the garden pond to steep water.I want to walk to the garden pond side to accompany the father to say.I grew up today, ever since that time my remark rises or says once I arrive at this, the father is then silent few to talk.

Appeared "Internet finance", this pounded at very greatly!This impact that is big is to come from a big data! Ma Yun troops two 014 July, yearses of in Ba Ba released a product-"the foreign trade lends", declare all at in the platform does business of the business enterprise do the business of USD 1, Moncler Nylon and Jersey Zip Hoodie Black Outletseven banks of whole country can not need mortgage with the loan that the kit give you a piece of money.

Some night of that year winter, the star sky of the southwest hides can star month, Yin cloud sends forth algidity, the cold breeze is blow gently.That night, Kun and friend's pony together accompany some friends to drink to chat in old place"small Cape bar".Just small cloud should also invite to the birthday party of taking part in the good friend M, hence they encounter in "small Cape bar". Just started each other having been incognizant.Wine over several ten cups, the Kun suddenly want to go to the stool.He lets go of hand in haven't finished drinking of beer cup, go straight to WC but go.Is really a house to leak to be partial to meet all through the night rain, two bathrooms all have already been occupied at this time.The Kun have to Wu to wear belly to go back and forth outside the door.He attends to not to go up the beauty F beside the detection, until from the F in come out 1:"Small cloud, can you hurry up?I am suppressing to break down, know to shrink.

Is small fine, as long as have me at, you let go stem."Finish saying and then sit on the sofa to looking at a week small fine no longer talk.The week is small fine to finally succeed, Moncler Nylon and Jersey Zip Hoodie Black Outletbut the success like this makes not hard believe, her heart can not be calm, a village girl rushes about after two months of pain,the milli- is unexpectedly to no end, became the public relations department of a super large company vice-president today, oneself really and so lucky?She can not comprehend.Week small fine[one] person was foolish in this office for livelong night, the second every day just bright, she came out office to start her freshman living.

Still always no one tell my mother that he how dies.Mr. Kuang fell from power under the same accusation, under the molestation of torture, he scheme suicide, but commit suicide uncompleted.Is he to the clearness done by my mother in 1956?The evening meal Mou rate is old Bian Tong joys the Xian disaster っ Liang the  is small white Sha!Does the generation Fan Ying Xin Yao Mao Nai of joys rush Lie  ?967 year-ends till October, 1969, she once entered various detention houses and sometimes went in and sometimes came out again.The quality of her circumstance mainly relies on her to watch.Being some to watch is fairly good to her-be they watch her alone of time.They are in the middle of a person is a wife of military officer and buy the medicine of curing the womb issue of blood for my mother, he still requests her husband to help, the husband enjoys the supply certificate of privilege food supply, she brings me mother's milk weekly, egg, with chicken.

After returning to a house, his in the mind hangs of the rock just put down.Because the home has no he imagines so terrible, hot jollification in the home makes of, come together a lot of persons.He starts trusting down. "The clock livings, come over quickly and calls a mother."Zhang Zhong livings to hear an aunt say to him, seem to call his, and then seem to be not BE. "Is quick call mother ah, the clock livings."That aunt and then say to him.His making sure that aunt now is to call him.

When that hands leave my arm, Moncler Nylon and Jersey Zip Hoodie Black OutletI obviously realize the despair of her eye bottom, the heart livings one silk painful cherish, that kind of man to woman's instinct of painful cherish, but this is far far not enough with become me for the in the moment beautiful woman take a risk of reason, she is very beautiful, this is what I first eye notice, the man is a visual animal, I am no exception to settle with this bottom to the first impression of others.

When the steam whistle driving suddenly pulls to ring, the car slowly starts and listens to the crying of children shouting a voice and looking at the small hand that the children wielding.You cant not bear to the heart see, the scene of this separation in life or death, suddenly turns round and entered own house inside and secretly left painful touching tears.From now on, father and son each one square in the sky, who die who living two to daze.