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How do you do!I am Chen Tong. "You good beauty", I am Ma Xu. You is where of.I am a virtuous high school clearly of.What about you handsome boy?I also yes.Really decree by destiny!"Yes and yes" Chen Tong says.So Chen Tong knew Ma Xu. Is two gradual person chats of Be getting more happy.To Tong Tong two of us see in the afternoon how?"Good of!"The Tong Tong greatly promised.

The Sai eye has no state of mind of distressed, just as beautiful Hui fairy of pure reduce; The eyebrow that the west breeze has never blown about is curved, conceal the Mu Er is like Xu You Hen! The dream that a personal Quan shrinks inside, lonesome recalled that to recite all alone of simplicity; Ha, the destiny holds of little princess- keep teaching little prince heartache must volunteer to help! Just, dust heart don't the person of hometowns of Min, received to leave to turn to take of Anna shell Er.Lee, but deliberately the provocation agree with of one heart and mind. Keep is envy those blind date close by morning and night! Now that God can not help, many absolute being again be how make to go to forbid-! Chi in the line of poet's bigotry is loving, jailbird in can not go toward rare transmigration of soul. Why the need for hold hands three living Juan in the stone side to engrave, cover with dust or forget unclearly of bear firmly in mind; But take with an innocent heart, the poem Hou has no intention of of one eye ten thousand years- The ratio promise Caos that pass by the human life don't take no cognizance the foam that the mermaid blows Zhan repeatedly; -Even if need not be responsible for the poet, but don't be ungrateful to into a deeply love-sick little princess.My daughter person and Feng hot son

Is similar to several year agos, the old man's business isn't light, especially in this blazing hot summer, people of small street like this kind of very much drink to carry on the back the hot tea perspires of felling.Many old mans of adherences, many stubborn of people of small street.

Your joined to also make them many many happiness, without much annoyance, so please current of you bring them more merriment, a little less annoyance!Speak of your childhood:(: )Your childhood, the memory of part has already had according to me, Moncler Noues Wool Inset Puffer Jacket Navy Women Outletmostly is following circumstance.Your childhood things of the past begins from the peach blossom Tsun 1, your then house is leaving father not far place in the work location, that is an apartment building, landlord house at most crest layer, there are three children in their house, two females a male.But your house seem in the underneath 1 F most in, not big but very warm and fragrant.

"Is stupid!What rubbish?'Eye without pupil'call names, how to use here!"I am funny and in anger blame her. "I know.You say'have an eye', I say'have no bead', this not to ascend an idiom?Again say, have no line in pinprick, can also say it have no bead!"The daughter's daughter makes to smile an explanation and makes me listenning to in distress situation.

Wang Qiang tooks a look a body side of before the distance, Moncler Noues Wool Inset Puffer Jacket Navy Women Outlettake that kind of the look in the eyes that seems to abandon, seem this time just understand, last night how can the promising of brain heat took such a nuisance to come over, a greatly good appointment so embarrassedly carry on.

The shell shell rides bike to send a younger sister first to go to school and goes to a high school again.After school takes younger sister's a cake of home.Road how again difficult walk, Ni Ni didn't also next lead car, because the shell shell once said:"I am an elder brother, an adult, powerful, the leg is long, could not fall off.

See where, Moncler Noues Wool Inset Puffer Jacket Navy Women Outletreally like beautiful, the day of south hurriedly grasped to clap that only beautiful appearance under the plum flower tree and looking at can the person's facial expression power the positive Xi is also contented and happy, she not know that he likes her now, he also not know now of she didn't so dislike him as well.Follow close behind a step silently heel the back in day of south, she after hope, he is ex- to hope.Each other of the ideas will break hull in romantic world at the plum flower.In fact power the positive Xi acquaint with very much to Japan, although it is said oneself isn't pure Japanese the Yes, but in view of blood relationship that the blood relationship that have quarter comes from Japan.The Fuji mountain is the place that he usually arrives at for the sake of the game, for the sake of his mother's wishes one who become to is a to excellently photograph, give° the presenting of viewpoint reality of oneself's heart people of the whole country.

In case of admit mistake, be misunderstood, I pig G if be seen as the rascal, that can miserably! Pig G just in the hesitant, but the wood sub- person's cloud walk on one's own initiative to his front of, the soft voice asks to say:"Sir, Moncler Noues Wool Inset Puffer Jacket Navy Women Outletyour someone here?" Don't know how of, hear the voice that this acquaints with, the pig G face Cha Be getting reder.

I think is once magnificent and victorious in the own life, not go out early and return till late thus the Yong Yong Lu Lu. This trip to desert, I chase it regard as is my[one] wager of this whole life, ability on the hoof, marry Huo to lack, destine my whole life so pomaded hair and powdered face;Not the ability is on the hoof, that is the life. …… I from start at the farmland, the edge of that desert.