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Many a your smiling faces, pay what all worth.Revolving is eight, each note records, your loving, anger, saddness, and happiness, let me come to compose into song ……".Finish singing, she says very happily:"Really good to listen".

But also shall arrive soon, the establishment of new China, its various political exercise especially the Cultural Revolution biggest destroyed a traditional scholar to learn and made along with one of hair next, Moncler Naples Quilted Hooded Vest Black Outletgreat leap forward, break four bore of being old, criticizings, anti- left anti- right, the Red Guard dashed up to break up a scholar to learn and also broke up a gift to cure situation at the same time, the person of Cultural Revolution and suffer to trample upon naturally, the person vanishes human nature and loses a personality and became to nod of machine.Then the later reform opens and economy reform, along with two degrees impact of western civilization, people experienced capital of strength, at add it before now political low tide, then proceeded without hesitation a ground of devotion economic activities in, truely and thoroughly lost simple and honest people's customs and political enthusiasm, and the so-called gift cured the cleaned out of dissipation also.

Carrying on the back is wrong to certainly need to criticize, you can't carry on the back wrong!That world noon, the white mire lake workplace ceased work and took an estrade on the lake ping, there is a horizontal on the estrade:Recite from memory the hair Zhao game general assembly.Several thousand peasant workers seat on the floor in front of Taiwan, though is the sun sky, a ground still a Luo in winter get the bottom is cold.

~Fill Lin Xi Ci, Moncler Naples Quilted Hooded Vest Black OutletWang Fei sings on stage:《In a hurry that year 》 Many embrace each other to on the contrary and easily cool off to turn not to open old accumulated snow at 1:00 a little bit little we could not feel to severely kiss how warm still lend to recognize for a day and a day at 1.

In my childhood, father will buy a toy for me, many some things that can amuse, every day and the small crew member go out to play games and play tired go home to have a meal, there is also color television in home, stay by the side time to see a strong wind car every day.Again a little bit bigger of time the Hunan Wei sees also strong, the family will stay by the side a television to visit a happy headquarter and spend fine weekend night together on every Saturday evening.

She forces to return that to fight to excel not of tears, strangle in the embryonic status, definitely cut off but bear.The heart that pulled by force to return to oneself just as those early years resolutely turns round and covers up genuine feeling deeply.

But fact proves, old sky of fun that opens for me has a little much.Lin Lan at KTV open of pack is that one is luxurious pack of, this indirectly proved Lin Lan's this goods to are be worthy of the name of enrich 2.I just succeeded on going in of ushered in one person between the packs' vision, can't, naturally afraid cold of I wrapping of 3 F outside 3 F in I, bares eyes and put where is all not shiningly clear object.

You like this shape and dead have again what difference?She not language, she was originally dead the person is a , even if trailed a body that lived a person, Moncler Naples Quilted Hooded Vest Black Outletbut the heart is insensitive.It is sorry.I am originally a dead person, do you not necessary apologize again?Bise Lin Lin, not nearly he the heart at the moment.He inwardly sits on the fire heap one side and looking at bouncing flame silent not language.

Exasperation's signing a horse is pressed down by the seat of a no one, even if this is a sit of is all man's table, "fat daughter-in-law" is from the don't care these, be like not concerned she selfishly ate in the seat at a group of women former years winter, even if"move" himself/herself to all of the vegetables front of still eating with relish is similar. Snow any comes back from beating snow battle with crew member, the face of red Tong Tong lets people's living to cherish.

But excellent medium then labor production naturally on much yield of of ground of, the natural product amount of excellent grade ground BE(100 catty-30 catty)=70 catty, medium the natural product amount of etc. ground BE(60 catty-30 catty)=30 catty.