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"What matter?" The Kun haven't come yet and turn round should 1."Your etc., I want to say to you words."That girl sped a step and almost became small cannon.When the Kun once turned round, she had already run to the Kun was nearby.When the Kun was about to have speech a small mouth in a short instant blocked up his mouth.He is too late slow to lead absolute being, make an effort to open eyes, but more see unclearly not pure.Hence he motionless doesn't play like stone carving.

I the gloomy absolute being wound ground shook to shake head and walked toward Lin Zi of the front.The canthus felt moist, everything also opened in the level faintness of retina.My heart feels difficult to express sad and have no mood any further at take a walk.End of result and my original intention are clearly contrary."Du Du, Du Du."Along with another car of trumpet voice ring, I sit ascend homing of Mr. hand over, as for Mr. hand over a fee, I have already no longer been getting more deeply concerned at heart.

"You don't think that you don't talk me and then will marry you, Moncler Mont Genevre Quilted Wool Jacket Gray OutletI what dad said don't calculate words, if I don't marry, he ability Nai I?" He is still a language not. "Do you want to marry me?Ha, I Zhi orchid tell you, I certainly would not marry and you, this a life time I marry a person, my this present life affirms of gentleman Lang, Moncler Mont Genevre Quilted Wool Jacket Gray OutletXiao gentleman. See him a speech not, her spirit pull out sword but, stab to her.

Mei answers a way:"Is just proper through bodhi hospital, separate several days of best friend good friend while thoughting of, then want to hospitalize to visit the late lament, much less Buddha way should be 1!" Blood knife Wang Leng hums 1:"Where of the late lament, but the cold hospital lord of this bodhi hospital!" Mr.

" They probably know I come to lead and maybe not know again, but this completely naked of derision, let me cancel all think again see their minds. Finally found out at me so much a copy a book of live, although is hard, remunerate is not high either, I am frequently dry, also force to enough make a living, finally make the mother eat again up medicine, her body condition also gradually turns for the better.

Bathe to leave to looking at at present person's son, again title took a look the sky, rain next small.Because the girl being at present?Probably yes, oneself thinks so be not?Then start to pull the hand of little girl to say"good."He knows aunt Kong doesn't like himself/herself and miss young dark of oneself afraid lead astray to read, but oneself how again willing to give up lead astray her.It is so kind to read, does oneself cherish still too late.

A day, the Fang hair come to message to say:"Elder brother, I wanted Dian again, the nerve stretched tight tightly."Return to message:"Why?I divorced, didn't wish to make a living with him.Whether work too careless?I thought for a long time, 2 people could not matched a cake of.Leaving is easy!That you live now where?Live one Lian house renting, school of."After, she makes a phone call to come over and tells a bitterness to me.I have to comfort her, "probably left, you set free.

The mankind's causes trouble to carry and fight world concealed now.Such as if three wars rise, certainly is mankind to perish.

A person weeps and sniffles ground to walk at from home to the road of school, alone and helpless is wretchedness very much.With waited at down stairs in oneself's house for the first time at after death strict Mo Shi still comfortable, till the time of point didn't see still comfortable, then made a telephone call."Still Yi, still comfortable don't have a class?""Is still comfortable, she just went out ah, already on the road!" Strict Mo Shi takes back a cellular phone and go toward once the pocket put and run to the school.Strict Mo Shi Tui grows and see front in a little while of still comfortable, strict Mo Shi wants openings, but as for voice that heard still comfortable to sob, one Zheng, don't bother her, unexpectedly be like at the beginning still comfortable with at he behind similar, they of only the distance of 50 meters, if he runs up also however several seconds.

Ten several in the last yearses move because of dismantling, the villagers quickly amass a fortune.The house builds higher and higherly, the room is more and more, Moncler Mont Genevre Quilted Wool Jacket Gray Outletoneself lives not over, rent to go out, become living important economic source.There were two bigger house properties(is probably stilled not only) while was living at Kun in the home, before the dead a week, the whole family was old little to just move into new residence.