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We ascend city tower in Tienanemen first and stand on the upstairs, Moncler Himalaya Puffer Jacket with Hood Blue Outletis the vehicle of in the moment spacious Tienanmen Square and continuous flow.The ear seems the majesty of the east of the generation great man hair Ze of hearing those early years to announce:The People's Republic of China's central people's government established!Present and past contrast, I feel keenly today quiet and peaceful, harmony, happiness of come it don't easily be as precious as Mi foot!(: )Connect down, we entered National Palace Museam.Don't walk how far, the father says a leg pain to can not walk anymore.Wang Shu then sought the place that has a chair to let the father is taking a rest and waiting us.In winter, the inside visitor of National Palace Museam is rarely seen, we may well well enjoy some kind of"visit alone" of fun.Hence, we make the big palace, small hospital of National Palace Museam turning a time, inside court, garden.

I think that you will the feeling know of, the existence that you will definitely feel that I think of of.

The breeze blows the curtain of opening the light Yan, the distance lights is decayed, could hear your ear side to once float of blare a whistle voice, I know that you are still on the road.

"Father emperor's eye the bottom has the hatred poison and Yin Yu of differing from the past days, I know that that is to hate.The voice that he shivers inside deeply is a very thick murderous look, Moncler Himalaya Puffer Jacket with Hood Blue Outletas well is the appearance that I have never seen.This always, to the father emperor whom I am infinite prosperous to spoil, , since this day, can't come back any further. After the mother to this coup that come all of a sudden, Moncler Himalaya Puffer Jacket with Hood Blue Outlethave no of omen.

To, we can not always sit to die by etc. here, kill everyone to die together."Finish saying, saw ten several students Huo ground a station get up, the person of leader of a group shook one noodles the deep red ensign prepare to set out.

That evening, Moncler Himalaya Puffer Jacket with Hood Blue Outletthe Lang invite little leaf hotel for neighborhood to have a meal and also called me.The whole time for hasing a meal, all of Langs is to recruit very attentively little leaf, but little leaf's attitude isn't cold not hot, seem to be a bit not that happy.

Be like example like this much get absolutely too numerous to enumerate.The patient comes from all directions, the people of all ways of lives all have and get in touch with noodles more wide.My life experience also more abundant and colorful.The best friend for mankind sometimes becomes a terrible enemy, that is the dog.The mankind keep the history of dog and bend fingers in counting to reckon, already more than 5,000 year.The dog is one of six dumbses.

Living not equal to dead Soul at work properly not at, get empty to stay one torso.Brain all cloud and mist, things of the past no longer now.The this present life desire wastes time difficult wish what.Such as if empty spirit, the not equal to soul passes away.

Send money for eldest brother first to send thing matrimony, the empress turns his whole procedures to the tower city domestic affairs bureau.Eldest sister-in-law after replying to turn to move with the eldest brother once Xinjiang, at that time under the family condition, the parents overcame many buildings of persons little, the furniture was little, the economy was difficult, ate not good, related to difficult place, the antinomy was many, expenditure again big, the income was little, the etc.

That is the morning of an early autumn, the back there are also a few baggages since that broken-down schoolbag, there is also that notification, quietly of along the road that usually walks at school , a soil road that leads to an outside, railroad train step on to go down south alone, look for dream to go!Stayed a letter for younger sister:Like study, Moncler Himalaya Puffer Jacket with Hood Blue Outletwalk out, the circle elder brother's dream!