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Catch quickly ability Chi the fan can not infatuate with, either not.Because he knows, Moncler Hermine Darted Waist Puffer Coat Black Women OutletChi fan or infatuate with oneself and then will have no a life.Catch is waiting a person quickly, wait cutthroat.Once the cutthroat go 12 and declare"12 temples".The river lake middleman has never seen one among those persons' facial expression, or say that the person that once saw their face is dead, but the lake no one of river has never heard 12 temple cutthroats.

The Lin Xi heartache ground shook to shake head and cannot helped but sighing a way, "body an importance is still money importance, I see you to drill into money eyes."Wang Chu Xin takes hoarse voice to smile, " I always like money very much, you again be not don't know.

All of the famous spot that you have ever been to changes historic monument, you have ever been to of the historic monument will become history,

A day in the winter in this year, a son Zhi of old Mo building pass borns a son to pay, he comes back to be a guest and meets a big brigade staff to collect national farm tax and excise tax and country to assign duties.How many big brigade staffs calculate before the building at grandmother Liu his home owes of pay, seven calculate eight interest that the year before owes of plusing on the wholes, on the accountancy's Zhang??324 dollars money.Secretary says that grandmother Liu calls some valley!Grandmother Liu says that what ah, call a valley ah, only afraid is a bottom hip hey.

" He hopes she leaves of figure Mo way. He also left her.She connects to can not stand this news and says to look for him. After three years, he still the trace didn't have.She arrives that to wait her everyday. After three years, ;,000 betrothals lift her mansion.Wang Ye feels suspicious and lift betrothal attendant He way all, "Wang Ye, congratulate Wang Ye." The news soon spread to her ear inside. The "spoilt daughter of a rich family, Moncler Hermine Darted Waist Puffer Coat Black Women Outletbetrothal, Wang Fu, , " servant-girl pants noisily.

The winter of home town then such as old give up the ideal state sort of description warmth leisurely and contented, accidentally have Piao ocean lead the sea march forward of the breeze blow and take refreshing breathing, the winter of Chiang-Nan is severely also gentle and soft and delicate, there is no northern strict Lie and desolate bise, there is no plateau, scorching hot ray, the sunlight once wears a branch and spread to spread in the earth, everywhere is an all warm trace.

The farmer has already fallen apart.In 2009, after moving house along with my five uncles, then farmer old house left a piece of foundation.Certainly also return and wear that generation drank water in last a hundred years, it still at day and night continuously flow to drip, is enjoying the singing, and then be like at sad cry.Sprinkle after several years of insolation rain, breeze eclipse snow invade, the that old house foundation miscellaneous grass cluster livings, and the one is in total disorder.If wasn't the words of existence that there are also so a few stones stairses and hospital dam, almost canned hardly see there to once live a person.My grandfather lived a lifetime at the farmer old house, is also forever shut over there up eyes.In 2005 La month, he died, time still gave or got an electric shock to all have no at that home town, die.That, five of his sons all return to an old house and attend funeral for him.

The car late ordered, sorry ……" finally, in the boundless huge, they have never walked to throw;Finally, in the boundless on the travel, they all returned to lilac to spend under;Finally, in the long long years, they all the Jian went their own promise.

On the whole a road and fill the air and afloat wear to kill the breathing that the person is burned in the air, connect the tree Piao of wayside wear look like clay-cold black, river water is also black, the bitterness goes the Zengs and then stands in the nigrescent river for the person of dying super degree soul, turn over a river to pour sea inside my stomach, several day didn't how have a meal.

From muddled arrive realization, from the ignorance to feel thankful, 100 turn thousand times, have already canned not meet youthful oneself again, don't dare to indulge oneself again as well;Wake up together with oneself every day of and have a lot of unknown cells;Let a time that is thin to settle, a pure tea, a song pleases the ear of music, a lightly deliberate, warm oneself, read to understand life 100 flavors.(: )The dream is over there mild day in, see oneself smile and big-hearted stranger, remember us to mutually invite to set out together;Remember we once drank together of tea, Moncler Hermine Darted Waist Puffer Coat Black Women Outletwine once drank, music listenned to, song once sang, words once said, once do of happy warm matter;The remembering pays the precious friend of for each other together and keeps company with the period that I passed through my difficult hardship;Remember we walk on a quite road together, each other knows, sad Min.