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7 Hu piano train bellows a voice and again wakes up with a start from the sleeping I.I no longer feel standing alone, small living, does your a person lead O.K. in the Kingdom of Heaven?Whenever in the dead of night, time think of you, tears unbearable of downwards flow, I raise the hands that you once saw hard and wipe stem, each tears.Then, soliloquize a way, trust, I will be thoroughly.

My contemplate the antenna of having no final outcome infinite extension can not take back to put in mind time bomb to all have an explosion at any time in the middle of calming down of dangerous those admonishing of thin languages already useless The weather is gradual cold but became undisputable fact to have the day to wear not last cotton dress exists is higher than the whole of the biggest topic be good at eloquent parrot to worry recently cloud spreads densely a Cang rat of obese already as usual influence to run about the monkey that carries a shelf to can not let go is being in heat the change of temperament to break the bamboo cage of opposite harmony recently The function of chopsticks has already outrun the person's instinct uses for several years of the life that brokes off me be used to the smoke as usual take out wine but can not make me often inebriate road but can not make I the small scheme of the often lately helpless perplexity usually play originally the flight that is safe to land The questionnaire answer of taking back is a matter rather than the silk thread selling seek not to return any further once owned of calm and warmth is a wear old jacket to have no loophole not to know rain water where drop to quickly transmutes into liquid ink of the color greatly offer of the discount have already not solved to open old heart knot More block up more many loopholes to have the moth didn't arouse for certificate a den of white ant how much value the car be still tiredly driving illegal red light to innocently explain to explore of the situation be taken the hand of sting to suppress the meditate for several years of devout today already not intentional say prayer to Buddha to cantillate wear finely and smile dimple not through the Chong Ying in the brain ability from pull out of the turnip take out of mud become allied connect the tight Qiao merchandise of a ground of spirit My contemplate in the middle of calming down had no my final outcome of final outcome be prepared by me to establish don't imagine for many times of so fine write during two 0 November 14, 12 yearsesesesMy Qian Tang Lu, your mandarin duck river

"She smiles to see him:"Do I want this world to do what?I want ~only you similar thing."Say pull the next green silk from his head, don't etc. he to respond, she is from she head up also pull next, knot hair is husband and wife, conjugal love two don't leave.She remembers that he says at that time I also want 1 and say pulled out oneself a hair silk, but hers, he leaves just from the medium place, he says and loves a person, Moncler Frederic Diamond Quilted Jacket Olive Outletwant to protect her naturally thoughtful.

The passing years exaggerated our colors, the sea waves tapped our youths. The autumnal winds holds tight the time that we have already died and sheds leaves to hang up the recollection that we come and go. The information of the sand sand moves green Spring Song. In great disorder rain Zi dances the rhyme of a time. Time gradually, what did we keep? Rich in hues time, we send the youth of walking. The time tosses around and turn an eye and then welcomed the day of leave.

The son of Mo Ya doesn't take off, the great Ya son pares off his clothes, two people beat to roll in the paddy field, three roll two to roll, all of two people were clay dolls, the great Ya son still didn't succeed.

Zhang Hui Niang's headache is a headache, feel vexed is to feel vexed, can she always can't bring calamity this in this time a bit neurotic mediocre, she not only doesn't bring calamity him this is stained with wine inebriate of big kid, and she be also like a servant girl, very careful one cup is a to mediocre pour tea to pass water, solution solve in the middle of the mediocre heart those even he also cans not says it by himself of what band together.

Slightly take a rough big hand to wrap up a small hand, this a moment, she was like to own the whole world. This is probably good luck, let she an eye then noticed in the boundless huge alone grieved of he, from now on would be to rob, all sorts of hardship, sweet be subjected to Ci not. From that time on after, the life seems to be colorful.

There is a kind of love, hide deep place at the time, look like faraway, actually then at your nearby, that is a kind of romance, each other loves each other of that day of start, have already deeply imbed each other of life inside.

For-rent car teacher idea meeting, turn steer device acceleration to drive forward, continue the target of looking for the next solitude. Wu Chu Tian carries an awkward and shy shoulder bag, step by step along the street lamp goes forward, Moncler Frederic Diamond Quilted Jacket Olive Outletthere is destination imitating a Buddha and having no destination at the same time.Say that he has a purpose because he wants to leave here and say he has no a purpose because he didn't know a to stand to where.

Becoming the south is how slept for a night with me, he all didn't know by himself.Can prove that we are innocent and then only have ground a top those are 103 beer bottles, and the wine of our mouthful spirit. Still smelly and desperately. Become good clothes of wearing of suddenly panic nervous south piece to say:Finished finishing, also invited customer, I how forgot this matter, I wanted to walk first an one step.