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Often think winter of north if would be without snow not perfect of, a bit fine, precipitate in snow, have some to come and go, have already rinsed in snow, at this time, how much fall Mo Yan dust, how much prosperous have been thin if pure scar.

Are you smiling?You at smile BE?"That standing alone of girl noodles dew perplexity, " how can you smile?You not is should cry?I like to smile."Pig eight quit to say with smile."Why want to smile but you should cry?I know."Pig eight quit smiling face more prosperous."A girl once says, she liked that I smiled.Is that girl?Boon."Pig eight quit to still keep smiling."Wait a meeting not.

90, he looking at his owns flesh, it is oneself to be different from is seeing, but is like 1 out of oneself to love, deeply the sorrow wears, feel he white frivoled himself/herself.

"She smiles to see him:"Do I want this world to do what?I want ~only you similar thing."Say pull the next green silk from his head, don't etc. he to respond, she is from she head up also pull next, knot hair is husband and wife, conjugal love two don't leave.She remembers that he says at that time I also want 1 and say pulled out oneself a hair silk, but hers, he leaves just from the medium place, he says and loves a person, want to protect her naturally thoughtful.

That so-called ten thousand thou buildingses is really also a scenery on the way.... ... A calmness but clamor again of night, peaceful, rashness heart.Lie on brocade river's star so big bed, don't know where the thoughts and feelings go.Put on headphones, enlarge a volume, a Yi the clan 《want to walk of old form 》 is long and satisfied, rise to rise and fall Fu, the Zhan is unsteady.A wisp per wisp concusses into left atrium, the heart is another beginning pains in the town.

" Now, the big piece has already become an old piece and withdraws three Chinese foot platforms, didn't also serve as a president;Little Lee has already become big Lee, writing achievement the bottom is firm, Moncler Frederic Diamond Quilted Jacket Black Outletthe teaching accomplishment is outstanding, a student to like, the colleague admire, lead compliment of magic power teacher.

A genuine feeling is other people pay, is as irrelevant as oneself, a hypocrisy is the other people's education, oneself has to grow up, one is standing alone to is to ownly depict, know study and thinking, Moncler Frederic Diamond Quilted Jacket Black Outleta growth is to ownly practice moral teachings, have nothing to do with succeeding and failing, a love is the other people's cultivation, the academic association knows more people, the one-step life is a little bit own intravenous drop drop, accumulate own smile, let the other people harvest at ownly and nearby, 1 remembers fondly, can construct the thoughts and feelings of mind, can change the question and answer of study, one is cold warm, can adjust a lot of stories.

“Feed, hear that the night scene of the eye of Tienjin is very beautiful, has time in the evening?”

Once I arrived falsely Ning jade Buddhist temple to watch just to carry from Burma of jade system big Buddha, met a monk of high renown, start to ask why did they want to be vegetarian?Monk of high renown way:"Person is what change to come?Monkey!"I without thinking say. "So the monkey is to be vegetarian or meat-eating?"I say:"Certainly is be vegetarian!" The monk of high renown smiled to smile to say:"No matter how it is, the person evolves, the person's origin can not get away from.

The writing stays joss-stick, probably, stick down of just that time, the mood in that cent, that, but please believe, the reality of that a moment, Moncler Frederic Diamond Quilted Jacket Black Outletplease believe, in that a moment, true of gentleness years.