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"Wear the hand of gold ring to draw back very thick purse, generously jilt two piece 100 dollars big Chao, I pickeding up of Zhan Zhan 100 dollars big Chao, slowly and carefully seek no small small change. Suddenly remember that the ancients says "not with thing pleased, not with F sad".We is now, if not with thing pleased, Moncler Fabrege Fur Trim Puffer jackets Navy Women Outletpleased what come, if not with F sad, sad how living.

The life is bitter, full of annoyance, if let go of to persist, the bitterness is at that moment empty, annoyance is a bodhi, the life is to set free and at that moment let go of, indiscretion, the ordinary people is a Buddha, the whirling world is a clean soil, at busy of life in can carry out biggest of comfortable.

The son of Mo Ya rode one to make the ox of sheep fork Cape rush into a companion cow to set out.Two capes of sheep fork Cape again point are again long, the Cape body is radiant deeply bright, the son of Mo Ya rides awe-inspiring on it of, became a little warrior.Long Keng Po's herd of cattle came, Pan the herd of cattle of the life mountain came, Fan Xian Ting's herd of cattle came, the herd of cattle of brook wooded land came, copper basin all of the herd of cattles that hurtle each squad came, they all called to assembled in Dong Jia Po's hillside in one, the sheep fork Cape unloads the old Mo and whets own Cape on a heap of loess, and it is challenging this 100 Yans.

Good wood, this is the first letter that writes to you. The south in the end of November isn't cold, just occasionally which evening will have breeze to once blow, cool enter a skin.Dormitory building and the big square of the of classroom is always so noisy.I clip in the crowd of unfamiliar mirth and look as happy as a lark appearance. In fact I lead not badly and hold every day book to arrive dormitory again from classroom to dining room.

"Who so bad?" The plum frightens facial expression deadly pale, a words don't dare to shout to make a noise as well.Because she knows, Moncler Fabrege Fur Trim Puffer jackets Navy Women Outletif the screaming madly of late at night screams madly, letting people listenning to will mistake that they hang up three to take four styles not good, carefree speech ground language of, also lane not what good fame come!She has to eat dirt and beat a tooth to go toward to swallow in belly!She was crying and starting sighing to come since own destiny.She very anxious to knife chop Wang Ping just solve at heart, it hates.

The mother enters my roomses to all scold me every day, Moncler Fabrege Fur Trim Puffer jackets Navy Women Outletto not want to see the eyebrows that the mother is wrinkly, so I stand today one Xie a long distance is on the window sill.My five fingers combines Long and stretches out a knife-like in shape palm, think this Hua of the flowing water chop in two, but no matter how I make great effort, just feel a palm a burst of to warm up, don't have no his method.I suddenly think of, don't know which son once say, the longing of love is to cut continuous.

Chock you canned once remember that year summer, I once opened of fun. You canned once remember that evening, I the reason for sheding tears. After you canned once remember that rain, I deeply love you. "The Mo night Shu, you are just my student, all is not likely to be wife Li forever." A Evening. I feel a lot of book, in fact the inside is the answer used to hide to just buy, old mama pleased of the textbook used in family training is too difficult.

costing 2 dollars the heart that endure drop blood hands over a fee to arrive at here.I envy car up those can with lend student ID card to reduce to don't need the young man young girl that part Mr. hands over a fee, but at that time of I was only shallow to shallowly laugh.The car gallops about and stops on the flat oil road and has never led a few stations to would be my to get off a point.The person, who together get off with me, is many, I line up to finally stand down.Because the hydraulic voice of car door rings, the car in a twinkling leaves me to far go.

The old Mo says that secretary you sees, inside in the school at the right moment has 1 to draw up, Moncler Fabrege Fur Trim Puffer jackets Navy Women Outletyou lets for Gao Tai Gui's hand I wife's crest, she was also an old people who has 7 years to teach an age to do.Han Bo's secretary says that old Mo ah, you are a bookmen, should know big truth, the good matter could not make all of your one persons have to the utmost.

A hundred years of the life life a hundred years are actually brief, once disappearing no longer now.Take a wide view China for 5,000 years, and then have a few good reputations to spread.Have no from cradle to the grave for solid exclamation, empty remaining wasted hundred years.Since should be many to spread for, fighting for good reputation ten thousand thous in the human life.