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The Ao gallery that the prostitute of the  Xiang  is lazy to play  Huan says act Ao does the Qian hang  close ÷?My words you why a don't remember as well, I make you pull pig grass, did you go?The mulberry of next door is bright to be reading:Chairman Mao is living in our heart forever, chairman Mao lives in our heart forever in.He read this sentence several ten times of, the mulberry bright mother really listens to Be getting more disgusted, say to the bright mulberry, a words read now several ten times of, the pig doesn't eat, the dog doesn't smell and die be die, how live in our heart in, this is the plait of what ghost book, you read a point what not good?Comb the fragrant Gu of sheep horn plait to use clear and crisp voice is reading:Is tick-tock, tick-tock, rain, rain.

Rich and poor is for an instant The rich and poor eventually will become cloud and mist, the psyche has great several people again on sky.Hence should leave for a succour article in a life time, help more world on the prowl to there is difficult person.Is small ability regrets still world person, probably lucky and historic and study in U.S..Such as if the psyche Chang Qiong shows spirit, settle meeting heaven on now smiling face.

The hardships of more than 6 years time attends school, many people ask her thus of persist worth?She stuck out the chest to don't hestitate ground to answer, value!Can study, learn culture, change two eyes a discredit of life, how can unworthy?Study to still make she from from vulgar self-confident:Led again to graduate in 3 the beginning of the years, learned to like culture, can't make the other people despise their they because of being an illiteracy any further, she still needs to go out part-time job to rush a world and continuously writes oneself sweet life, she believes firmly hereafter of the day will definitely like!I send the big age classmate that sits in the classroom to perseveringly attend school of this songs while leaving:Younger sister, you the brave ground go forward and go forward Mo Hui ah head, all-powerful boulevard 9,999, younger sister, Moncler Champetre Quilted Puffer Jacket Light Beige Women Outletyou brave the ground go forward go forward Mo turn head!I think being regarded as to one of her wish.

Must be the breeze last night to blow into brain, just at in recklessly roared and shouted, resound of still had that to ambiguously sing a chamber. "Miao~stupid woman, you my little Huang Hua Zang to where go to?Miao~hand in quickly!" I suddenly think of the thing that the home edibles yesterday already all fiestas to five internal organs temple, connect to stay be also given the stray dog of corner of the street by me for those Huang Hua Yu of Ji rice.

Eyeful's exerting is an ancient stalwart Sa body, the ear side is blunt to concuss Sa thou the voice of the male Hun ring, also have that Mid-Autumn seasonal changes' moonlight generally deep look in the eyes??????Don't know when, she also likes to dance at the inside Mou ditch high spirits in the flat ground having no Sa for thou and step the rhythm of flowing water and landscape alone stroll, fancy, contemplate, imagine.Remain such as the years of song the soft water sort flow to drip, the person of Shan-li similar sunrise but make, sunset but interest.Turn an eye's round to New Year in October such as the time of shuttle.On this day, mountain Zhai inside early in the morning fall Dang to wear a blaring of year pig call, close on the heels of the interjection of pig, the smoke then curled up the whole mountain Zhai.The servants are engaged to kill a pig to kill a chicken, the host are engaged to sacrifice first Zu.

Chen Chen put on a nasal discharge, the Ceng is on the top of trousers and continue to squat down to dig Lu grass in pit root son.The Lu grass of spring root son white white delicate, chew sweet in fine threads in the mouth of, this kind of free fruits are at that moment the kid's snacks. The factory area comes to construction brigade recently, the incumbency work residence west covers one factory premises of slipping away.

There are a few villas in my house, but only 1 is I like, because there have him. I secretly open the door of the villa 3 F, all of those are mine, in fact all of the all here are mine, how to don't come back as well Mom and Dad. "Ms. Mo, Mr. Li has already waited for you in the den many!"That hour work that looks after me stands in front of the door, I mercilessly stare her.

Her form master teacher Zhou tell me:She is 32 years old this year, her classmates and her kid generally big, than is teaching them English of teacher Long is still big how old, she from 26 years old up primary school grade one beginning, so of attend school of road, it has been more than 6 years since she insisted, never speech give up.She is 80 after be born of country farmer female, in childhood because of home living poor, she this be elder sister of, for making the sister-in-law go to school study, she on her own initiative gave up she go to school study of big inning, have no formally and up lead learn, in addition to twistingly writing an oneself's name, her understanding"person, and hand, size, how much" etc. is a few words.Get married to living after son teach female, for the sake of living she and equally have no how much cultural husband go to the remaining Yao City in Zhejiang province to do a part-time job, eat to to the utmost have no cultural Kui.

Can inside inside outside and outside but only her a person live in the favour.After once paying, he is some interrogative, just 3.5 dollars, whether accepting is wrong, that son 8 dollars is worth.On the second day, sky float snowflake, he comes there to have a meal again, right, the miss still kept accepting his 3.5 dollars.Only he come and return, the misses all hurtle him to smile, that kind of the look in the eyes make him can not refuse ……Continuously for several days, all of his suppers are an earthenware cooking pot Yan ……On the fourth day, he again arrive at her before the stand, but discover her front of was many the male , from she shouts his, knows that that is her elder brother.At this time that male of quick of carry a bowl of earthenware cooking pot to his in front, but she some frighten into inaction of to this place see.

Because there is last time marriage career, the in the mind of plum leave a lot of shadows, she becomes colder and colder Mo with selfish, and hide mind's eye to this faithful man, live together at them of 67 years in, don't leave one son half for him female, but money that his Zheng come back, all Zan get up, stay to take the entrance examination of university for kid to spend again, also lie that money all ran out of.Looking at a kid more and more good at the study circumstance in the school, the plum is very worried, she thinks to want to go and finally has bad heart.