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Raise head, surroundings of classmate all in the earnest study, Moncler Cashmere Ribbed Solid Skull Cap Burgundy Outletearnest back text, what spring take autumn month when, what the small building listen to spring rain for a night, what willow shore Xiao the breeze is waning moon, alas, the romantic affairs in the poem phrase, I think, this present life I have already can'ted have again.

The writing stays joss-stick, probably, stick down of just that time, the mood in that cent, Moncler Cashmere Ribbed Solid Skull Cap Burgundy Outletthat, but please believe, the reality of that a moment, please believe, in that a moment, true of gentleness years.

Be in early morning pulled by rain Xuan to get up isn't Be getting twoer at a time, hoping of my habitual he smiled to smile, I lightly said"idiocy Xuan, really don't see?This was the last time to meet!Why the need for meet again, meeting will be sader.Say you, you are still at home why?Don't you go to school and have a class?Is running late"the Xuan roar of urge me to have a class. "Not go, also not want to go."I am still lazy to lazily have breakfast.

I am getting more foolish a while, unexpectedly don't know how to go to and answer criticism her, because I know from the in the mind that what she say is fact.

Necessary time she will put their her own two knives for other people. "Want to be apologetic is that you are good?"Wang Long stares at her to say.

Girl's words are so few, even have an in fine threads timid, but reason keep spirit strong the noodles don't change a leading long of color Xiao fame have been walking.Go to which?The Xiao fame doesn't know that as well have no have scruples about.The in the mind at this time probably inflates in fine threads continuously fill a thing, that, be called happiness.

Once you wish to this material life, can this material life actually has what good, be partial to put across oneself this pair appearance? The sunlight of the early spring next, the lotus leaf in the lake just peeps out sharp point Cape, a dragonfly flies around to fall in the top.Inside in the garden ten thousand purple thousand red, just when in Marchary, the flower opens just gorgeously, in the spring breeze also mix fragrance of flower.

Who once wanted to close to at noon this carpenter in order to forgetting to take similar what tool again turn back halfway, is to shout and knock outside the hospital door, this little daughter-in-law a listen to hasty, everywhere flee indiscriminately the Leng is the place of unable to find Tibetan, get a brainwave to dig to open fire wall Tao ash of separate plank, chase Sa person connect Deng generation push of filled in to connect with each other with Kang of the fire wall Shu hole inside.

I am a science fan, also a literature fan.Since the childhood drive book, the heart in torment of television cultural media fan.So the whole researches were all self-moving, this consumedly consumed my time and money, but I enjoy crazily to be addicted to it.Imitating a Buddha is poisoned pour into all energy strenuous efforts for those topic items, for 1100 think not get the answer of its solution, but that question only comes from a curiosity of kid's sort.

91, the Buddha say:The person's temperament is different, each like its noodles.Practicing moral teachings has to walk into crowd, and the person of different temperament whet to do each other, orientation, and the circle melt to get along, in peace and harmony mutually treat.