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If be not I if the gold basin didn't at the bar wash hands to go to work now, that wood Tao's settling is the object that I infuse wine in the evening.Ya of, drink to die him!That person's residue …… Two, After the bar knew Lin Tao soon, kid's bacterium then ascended so much with him.Return, really in a little while.However, the person who knows in this kind of situation, well up again easy however, several cup wine, how even all don't need to be talked, then then went direct to a bed up.

Be like vernacular speech and written language, express effect similar, way but dissimilarity.Change to the poem to the song, the way of doing of many birdbrains. Not only is Zhu Zhe Qin's song 《follower 》 , also have the singer 《six a life time madrigals 》s of the Gong 玥 to also come from this poem, but the verse has been already been changed everything is completely changed.Although 《six a life time madrigals 》s changed verse,noted original creator is the Cang Yang Jia Cuo.

The first is a grass ship to lend arrows, Zhuge Liang is how to know to will have heavy mist after three days;The second is Zhuge Liang how can borrow eastern breeze?;The third is China to permit a way up, Zhuge Liang clearly knows to close associations to put Cao to hold, why still need to send him to go to?In the book to though these three matters all have an explaination, but didn't reveal, constructed Zhuge Liang's ability to divine the unknown image.

We are more and more far, my love but more and more, you say you are tired you are getting more vexed, my love should what should one do?I can not disobey a loving asseveration, that is all right, I don't say to break up, I don't say to give up, like this and silently love you, live in to recall like this inside, remember your most beautiful one side forever, remember forever we are the most happy of concomitant, neglect those pains all, let love and time the abyss of time.

" We did one the cup is another cup, her disappointed, my disappointed.In fact my sheding tears , in tears drops the liquid that falls at thin Huang, is drunk by me to import an inside, how bitter and astringent taste.Lin Lao, I think that the thing that give up you likes more ten, tightly hug into a bosom. We had been sitting till a night deep, just wanted to leave.The cloth screen of big gear is brought about and comes in two people.

In the twilight, the car stops to depend in a the side of highway, good heart of the teacher jump down a car first, the fast disease blocks the next shallow blue rent car and opens baggage Cang later on and bends tiny fat body and takes out our 2 to pull a pole box in heavy rain, again the ground step run toward rent, with for-rent the driver ascend a box spare Cang.See a his back a top have already been beaten by the rain water wet, touched of another undercurrent surge forward at heart, just wanted to thank him, see him again substitute we and rent driver spoke minimum price, Moncler Bourdon Snap Front Short Puffer Coat Women Outletbehind work out 30 dollars carry two of us to train station, I with elder sister gratefully followed with eyes him walk to, the elder sister made me stick down his license plate number, in heavy rain, I just saw "the west passenger transportation in Kunming" a few words, rented driver urge us get on the car.

Is really cold 6 winters here, and the breeze is very strong, someone says that S province blows two breeze and blows half year at a time and still 360 degree have no though does the dead angle blow a hair style for you. However winter here didn't seem to be depression, the parasol tree in the campus was dyed by snow, if the head was the hair of tree, that seemed to be old many. Whole body Ka color of sub- coat, black cowboy, the rounding of red Bo seems to be his skin very white.

Liu Song slightly raises a hand and on purpose sways at the in the moment swaying of the mother, the mother didn't realize. "Mama, your eyes how?"Liu Song interrogatively asks.The mother wiped to wipe eyes to say with the Ao Xiu:"Have no a matter Be all right, the person is all old so.You first take money to clearly cure a leg."Finish saying, by hand touched touch stool, slowly sit down.

The Li river of the childhood water Be pure to see bottom, the home has no tap water.All of the drinking water is direct from pick to come home in river, deposit in the size water jar that the in home purchases inside.Childhood years memory, that time of each and each ones all have several saliva urns and not only want a stockpile life to use water, Moncler Bourdon Snap Front Short Puffer Coat Women Outletstill have to deposit fire fight to use water.

She sits light before, the needle feet are airtight to airtightly sew mandarin duck to embroider Zhen, she sewed for 70 years, the years changed in succession, a life time difference move, only one eyes son, pure deeply bright, see into, imitate the plain beginning of Buddha melts of ice snow.