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Rice Qi:The common friend affirms all right, but this good friend, get to certain degree so much to up affirm a problem.

Be devoted to finish doing quick report, Zhuo small Er still the state of mind is difficult even, at a stretch block up in the chest up doing not come to can not go down, fondled along while by hand and downward, didn't also follow bottom to this tone."This disgusting small public security, he why so fierce to me?Don't go, this matter didn't finish, I must asked not to go.

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Pretty person what it cruel!General, the Qie treats you to returns in triumph but return, the achievement establish a reputation reaches, again and you wave vestige limits of the earth.""Good!Wait until Turkic to reply to put out, from now on let go of old grudge, didn't concern about again, I necessarily allowed you to marry dress red glow at sunset.From now on under the moonlight and before flowers, green silk grey hair, the total words mulberry is numb.""General, pretty the person is many craftiness, and the knife sword has no eye.

Just say, the memory of river bank is still circulating, though is very slow, slowly must seem to be here to still stay around in the past …corpus mansion with sell a the building was inclined to toward of, in the center was a street, a bit broken-down, Moncler Blein Puffer Jacket Light Pink Women Outletat sold a building left side to still get guest house, not and cautiously saw, also true difficult discovered that it is a guest house.I don't dare to affirm if it has been already closed up shop.Follow street, I with go together of the friend together go toward left walk to.The buildings of street both sides are all very old, interest's allowing is all what republic period stays, even if be not, there are also many years of.Just the inhabitants are few, the doors and windows close tightly, and the root also having is a decrepit dangerous building.But in the sun, these don't seem to be Qi cold, there is still pigeon son flying to patronize at least.

Certainly, I can't directly shout his elder brother.Elder brother is what meaning, does a female kid how to literally shout his elder brother.Now, I rather shout you call elder brother, see by the work that you announce, you probably can drive your special reader so your respectful name.But bring up him now, I recognize is a thief, is a filth thief.Though at the beginning, I think that he can depend on.

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What Qiao!I know that the noodles has cat to get fed up with here, didn't send money for them.Until last year, I went to inside in the bureau and queried, just get one index sign.Who know, the title entered, the wages didn't get something to add.The reason is your post in the school have been full.Elder brother, you say to enrage people not to enrage people!, So that's why.His mama of, also too'bastard'!Entered a title, said that the post has been full, the wages has never got to add.

Though will sacrifice original for the very brief coffee break, they still keep gladly participating in.BE knotting the world noon of camp rites be over, too very the head Zan moves on person of square, everyone vies with each other in matching a shadow to keep as memory, clinging visit to say goodbye, but there is a wish in my heart, be think president Hui and valley eldest sister-in-law matches a shadow with gold.