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I to not make the other people discover, hide in the mosquito net, receive with a bed sheet the whole body, beat flashlight to stealthily write.The sweat didn't live ground to downwards flow and soaked through bed sheets all.After being very not easy to finish tidying up a story, I just uncovered bed sheet to draw a long breath, didn't expect two"rebeled a parties"s that wore a red Xiu head turned over a window but went into and searched I tidied up of story.

Mutually invite the Fang grass song beauties of spring, total appreciate thing China with pleasant breeze.Knock Mo language, guard a list house, carefree worry Zhong tea of borrowing.The sorrow thinks to sign to the utmost before the window a month, Moncler Bellco Fur Trim Puffer jackets Plum Women Outleta few deep loves 掿 sand.Seven how many deep loves 掿 sand, is who totally numb with Xu mulberry?Frequently the Geng thin Mo crumples dust flavor and pays homage to flow the joss-stick Yan year old China.Knock a Ze rhyme, to the beard Jia, how may a dream guard a list house.

I, call wood once, 17 years old, studied in while was living**high school, cause of death:The home coal gas reveals and is poisoned to cause death. These two days inside, the home comes to many people, I looking at them quietly to come and go to go in a side, aimless walk from here to there.My lo wears them busy appearance, thought of one day there will, the owners will be like my body and peaceful and serenely lie down, what the matter is also unable to do.

Chock:There is big tree in the west sea Chungchou, Moncler Bellco Fur Trim Puffer jackets Plum Women Outletthe Fang China joss-stick is several hundred insides, be named to return a soul, and as well returns to living joss-stick.People of this world once heard it to remoulded an absolute being soul, strange effect came back from the brink of death, but never someone personally once saw. (A)"the Yi Yi of蘭 , 揚揚 its joss-stick.Don't adopt but wear, at the 蘭 He 傷 .The Xuan of today, its He 為 however.

Face of every day numerous and complicated life, I run about in the ocean of memory and fear to carelessly fall into bottom of sea, don't know is life give my pressure very big, still myself give life of pressure very big, Moncler Bellco Fur Trim Puffer jackets Plum Women Outletin fine each feel very tired.I am a person who can not stabilize, seem in the life vital sport, can't let up forever.The pimping time leaves an egress and once walked at third hand a lot of cities, time leave every time, the in the mind noodles always can hardly cut off.Don't know to is to isn't that oneself is too affectionate, each get to an unfamiliar city, I always chase own feelings dispersion in among them, the time wait until to leave, try recollection, is slowly forgetting.

Note:The pear flower blossoms March in south, the 4 《five 》 monthses autumn of north sings Se Se the voice is tight for autumn, the faraway north wild goose returns, and ten thousand mountains thousand waters always go back and forth.Red Xie Cui eliminates to destroy place, Fang grass the view is windy and rainy. The green jade color pond lotus exerts, west breeze thou way fan, leaf light soul go to several become heap.

The mother walked and left from our life, from disappear in the world.Later two the middle of the years, my house depressed extremity, father also once several degrees collapse, I usually sews an inside from the wall starting to tie with the maize corn pole to secretly see him to put on tears in the yard.Slowly, I knew what call silent, what call melancholy.And since the mother died, the grandfather's attitude to us also include a huge change.

"BE saying words, the yard inside someone's cry outside the door:"Is this a house?Someone at?……""Is a house, came, came ……" says and allows Ren to order and run yard to open the door according to the mother.The door outside stands a 24, 5-year-old young man short thin thin of, the pigeon form Gu noodles of, almost have already taken off person's form.

Once saw 1 concerning"explanation" such a topic almost at the sentence of ingenious maxim, say"understood your person need not explain, doesn't understand your person to explain to still don't understand you.

Night always on the time in my ignoramus more deep, I let go of cool of water cup, close a window to continue to do.Although it was late at night, but I the slightest didn't sleep an idea, I didn't know to is the reason that isn't I to usually sit up, still own heart always cans not lets go 1.(: )The time of this person's beginning, Moncler Bellco Fur Trim Puffer jackets Plum Women OutletI am very unfamiliar, with his acquaintanceship, and his meet, my feeling is all God to give my predestination, I always is more the person of emotion, so face feelings to seem to be isn't so mature, a lot of problems make me is to love and hate to feelings, but I understand I to his like to have never changed, on the contrary more and more strong.Slowly, I discover I and her distance Be getting nearer, I can wanton of see her smiling face, his figure.I make I make I become hard better, is hard her but change, I think that I do like this and then can change to her like, but I am getting wronger.How do I make great effort to all waste.