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I just thinking start to make him come over, Moncler Aubry Long Mock Neck Puffer Jacket Light Gray Women Outletthe front row is a 89-year-old little girl, see a blood stain on his leg, then say:"Uncle, you got hurt and came over me to let you!" That hatred in the man's eyes is to eliminate some say:"Kid, you are too small, I can not have your seat!" The little girl says:"The uncle there is blood on your legs and affirm to harm not and lightly, standing the meeting is very painful!A few days ago, my leg also got hurt, very painful, very painful!Really want to cry!The mother takes me to the hospital see, today the mother takes me to change a medicine just come back.The doctor said being quickly good!I can stand of, true!Do you come over!" Seeming to have a little in the man's eyes is moist:"I am an adult, this pain stand live, Moncler Aubry Long Mock Neck Puffer Jacket Light Gray Women Outletyour leg didn't be good, still you sit!" The little girl starts and pulled that man to say in the past:"Uncle sit quickly?Leading two stations were hospitals, you musted go for a doctor!Otherwise the meeting is more and more painful, also maturation of!

For weigh the decision of big deal, have to have own views, don't depend on other people to point out where is wrong path, if parrot, meet a Bole Jian certainly you, meet mother-in-law Lang and then will eat up you.Oneself's only hasing then correct views can can't be calculated, just be unlikely be misled.

At the beginning choose that mood and director's moving lecture of law mutually act in cooperation.She feels red-blooded to up flow out, It rises a hard-like in shape concussion in the heart.Who the person don't think that the hero attaches a body and does an emissary that the Kuang hands justice;Who the person don't think that the strength is strong, does a Xia with small and weak big protection.

This coast line, the sea water has already stepped back Cang sea to become mulberry field, how didn't°yet you come back me? That pale of language, flurried the whole chord, but in the memory remember you are obstinate to say again see. This apple in the eye, how red get thus colorful.

Long museum in sand City"green jade Luo, do you see that female whether corpse is like you very much?"The female kid whom a few university students attire stands on the crystal coffin wood side, part by hand the machine take photo simultaneously make fun each other"......I clap to die you!You are a corpse!The words say to still be really pretty like Ai" other girls follow to create a big noise. "......

Mother's asking me am to not is to have relation with he to fasten, Moncler Aubry Long Mock Neck Puffer Jacket Light Gray Women Outletshe takes hopeless tone to speak that I am how a young and inexperienced for me, the father speak for me to be kept constantly on rushing about, speak so and attend school not easily for several years for me, to me speak in the past, spoke future, my now's still dying ash is deeply.I but hasn't been admitting to have relation with him to fasten, that is like a kind of puzzling obstinate, I don't know as well I at outlaw what, even if I every day at in order to suffer from insomnia to weep over, be distressed for result every day, but, I still keep feeling, these didn't be even weaker in character than admitting this with not as it should be matter.

In order to find out the fiancee of disappearing the decade, Tang more the Gu body explore dangerous places to make track for true facts, result drive Shao cloud Feng serial design, draw in series murder case, become the murderer that the whole citieses list as wanted.Tang of end of the road end of road more and extremely dies one Bo, finally uncovered the whole secret of story:The fiancee that originally so-called"Lin Lan" is in fact his/her own bitterness bitterness to look for Xu Ya, some abnormal condition add neurotic Shao cloud Feng, for the sake of report kill the enemy of wife, a little encroaches upon Tang more of heart, incredibly keep under house arrest Xu Ya, the facial plastic surgery hypnotizes, living hard"build" Lin Lan of virtual version, this false Lin Lan really slowly friendship became the spirit of Shao cloud Feng to consign and revenge tool.

The self-ridicule ground smiled to smile, soul and heart had been already harmed of ……"still have, I didn't copy hers.Result how you can investigate, I ask for leave today, lesson fall in, I will make up deficiencies by myself."I picked up a schoolbag and once walked from teacher's in front …… dash away all the way, arrive at a brook side, I put the car to a part and fall to bump ground to walk to the river bank."Father mother.

The thou of Sa is in everyone's intense emotion get drunk in the past, he was baggedly lifted the bed of Mo of section Di.A sleep is a night, the section Di doesn'tarrive at his bedside and says to him when the sky is tiny bright:'Thou of Sa, you how, all insolation three Gans be you still are sleeping?Got up quickly, otherwise???????It be tidying up you.'""," Sa the thou hurriedly echo to start and wiped the saliva of wiping the corner of mouth.Open to shadowily sleep an eye, originally the sun has already halfway up a hill shone on.Section Di Mo just anxious station at he at present, use the bamboo stick that she rushes through a pig to lightly push awake he."Ah, section Di Mo, did you accepted a pig to go home?I the Zha sleep to arrive by this time."The taste in thou of Sa at section Di Mo ragged dress skirt side up flicker, and also fall in permitting her serious side."Still return to not and quickly, after a while get be picked leathern.

If the week didn't return to room, but silently heel at Xu Ze follow him all the way after death, she really loves him, he doesn't miss them of have a secret. Xu Ze didn't go by car, he turned into an entrance to alley, then the diameter goes forward. If the week is very careful of heel at he after death, Xu Ze's step is very quick, she almost fell behind. Sees Xu Ze Zou into one abandon of inside in the mansion.