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Like this Be embracing and tapping she is behind after carrying on the back to cry a period of time, didn't cry gradually by Mei, but sobbed, she opens mouth first and curses and scolds a way:"Bastard!White Xu this bastard!Do you say that she is a bastard?......"The Yao Yao follows her to order and and then say again:"What matter does interest Xu Bai Xu have?Concealed difficult speech what of.......Mei, you only think......"With Mei Xing after making the nasal discharge lookinging at she, led several seconds, say:"I love so him ah, like him......He this is supercilious ......

(A)Breeze fire youth's freshman schools begins and hasn't left in summer.The breathing of an oppressive heat covers with in the sky of Shanghai and flicks it not to go.Locate at big in the X of this prosperous city, there is Xu ground doing not develop a new-born receiving. This numerous people's dreaming of to kill the city of bleeding the road here , in blue eyes Ling , Moncler Athenes Hooded Puffer Jacket Navy Outletis full of mysterious and fantasize.The starlight is bright, magnesium light Duo person.

Through his entire life, our life was full of various choice, but this among them to man the most important is to choose that an intelligence quotient on the prowl is passing on-line beauty, still keep choosing a gifted woman that can write one several thousand word proses with the hand;To a women is choose a to she good but impecunious miserable wretch, still choose one rich to her not good bastard.

Su's net likes at the back to silently look at the boy whom this Gao Gao Shou loses and far and far silently adore in a small corner standing apart.The memory of the juniority inside, the boy of that gold sort, at this time nearby at very short distance, the but again is unreachable.

Go into eyes to hope to go, Moncler Athenes Hooded Puffer Jacket Navy Outletthe rice valley in the farmland already the one is golden to smile to bend from the waist, the result of majority of fruit trees is also very nice, they have never been ungrateful to hard plant of people, on them laden with huge fruit, if you gather together closer, will smell arrive repeatedly Chun fragrant sweet fruit flavor, the wild chrysanthemum of river embankment flutters aweather, the reeds guard big river cross-straits, this kind of kind of, from become a beautiful and special pastoral painting, not very captivating.The Ping stood on the village to have some time, the color of the sky was gradually dark to come down, people's toil also all respectively went home for a day, only have Ping, there is also the old tree of a solitude, quietly stand erect in the village.The sky blackly sees be missing, she went home.House?To,

He walks to in the street, get lost similar looked about for a long time, Moncler Athenes Hooded Puffer Jacket Navy Outletthen from the trousers Dou in touched a cellular phone, stood on the wayside that tree under make a phone call.Just some little beat for around five minuteses, he the handle knob machine put back trousers Dou.Greatly tread to walk toward the right hand direction to, once walk probably two street, he turns to the left into a lane son.Had been walking into lane son inside that has some broken-down bar to go.

For example the bottom meat of the cow, the thigh flesh, is to the utmost all lean meat.Have no Jin, also have no a type of the A that is called a cow of fat meat;Chase brisket, leg sinew and flesh etc. is called cow B;The internal organses, such as cow liver and cow's tripe...etc. are called cow C.!Originally and so."You see, this owner's doing business still pretty will rush through fashionable of hey!Sell beefs to all use English the letter of alphabet A, B and C to categorize."That...

Heart language the red Jian send, it is an old Ba to fall Mo to spread to open.Eight fall Mo to spread to open is an old Ba, this present life vulgar wish into float Kua.Lean on Qing vegetable the month long for to lead, the article exerts joss-stick building lonely tea.The You dream spreads, beautiful feeling She, the Chan sound Chan Di world China.Carefree sorrow full to overflow world of mortals flavor, use pleasant breeze 1 pen to row.Nine use pleasant breeze 1 pen to row and calm down to listen to the Jia that the plain rhyme dyes an autumn.3,000 lonesome empty crumple a clue, several degrees long for to drink to fall Xia.Lead long pen and ink, Wan cloud yarn, hold joss-stick to pursue dream to draw strange Pa.Light smoke deeply the green jade feeling Be tiny to inebriate, self-satisfied and free and unfettered snare a day inclined.Ten self-satisfied and free and unfettered snare a day inclined, lead long to a thou rhyme to draw to flow Xia.

Mostly the person of 70 fronts, all once ate this bitterness like that in childhood.Special memory deep of BE, enduring long hardship of suffering from cold and hunger. At that time, is all anywhere a very hungry at any time, what food from afar can smell flavor, as long as see eat of, will flow pure saliva.

Female doctor Hong hopes to see the body that the azure stone shiver, Moncler Athenes Hooded Puffer Jacket Navy Outletnot from kind must say "please don't be afraid, a short while good".The Hong hopes to fix attention on an ex- girl, thin bone Ping Ting, float however if fairy, not from rise great commiseration and fancy, but she knows, at present urgent matter of the moment, is want this girl to set free pain and sufferings quickly be.