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"Is not being so on the hoof tired?That I die."Pig eight quit black mountain of quilt old demon this sentence to spirit smile."Do not be so earnest.

We flew to let don't know together us to fly to let youth as footnote together to our strength We fly to fly together together to bright of the east see the eastern desire Xiao seeing the dawn winning to darkly see red to gradually and gradually rise to see roseate clouds to reflect a full sky We fly to fly together together to mysterious of the west see west of month the building see the horizon one red cloud see Big Dipper stars the flicker seeing a widely cold temple fresh and cool to fall Mo We fly to cross over the Chong mountain Jun Ling to visit the Kun Lun that impressive-looking Mount Taishan visit steep Hua Mountain seeing vastly and Mt. Heaven see Wei Wei together together We fly to brush past a river together Chuan in the river lake to see the graceful Lu that the billowing yellow river visit boundless Yangtze River of Hao seeing the very pure Yi plough river seeing dash about hiding cloth together We fly to enjoy a trip to wide prairie to see the very airtight light yarn debt seeing the golden wheat wave seeing the fragrant rice sea seeing boundless Lin Tao together together We fly civilization of exploring five continents to visit America that colorful Asia visit very blue Europe visiting passionate Africa seeing jump together We fly feeling to know that the pulse of time sees yesterday together of green puckery see calmly seeing of today of tomorrow of fine see future glitter We fly to let speed as a note together, we fly to let to roar and shout to stay together at after deathFace west all the way

On the satge of this youth, we want to heartily tear apart a song larynx and heartily says to sing youth.We can not wait for opportunity, the opportunity is the person who belongs to have preparation.

She answered to come over and had no willing to give up be discard an article to sell out, oneself stays useful.Her teeth all dropped light, she shut a mouth to chew a plain wheat roll, once the Sai move, the facial expression devotes one's minds but peaceful.Slightly, she drinks water and keeps on hurtling plain wheat roll.The title faces west Juan one eye, the horizon of the rosy sunset are like a piece of big brocade, the color is clearly beautiful, and the strong fragrance is bright.

Pass to go to the movie, stroll together park and help stem in the house in week some energies that send the type of noodles to live, each member in the week house thinks the Liu Zhi's credibility is dependable, the week rain Die also affirms that Liu Zhi is the faithful companions of her whole life.Furthermore, teacher's this kind of occupation, produce honesty most easily honest and kind, loyalty not the family marital relationship of Yu, so, they soon talk the marriage theory married.

Have never thought the meeting is in this city Anne's camp firm Zhai over several years, all be just in a hurry, the traveler troubles neon That year the summer, a passenger car, at the right moment can carry to walk our to fall Mo to after staring at it, we decide to abandon to be all and keep to set out Originally is a weed, or is that the Suo Luo is ten to mutually button up, the Zong didn't have a foothold of ground, a light, also is good enough to warm whole city Brocade river city Mu, surface in Chiaotou, resplendent and multicolored worth finally can be similar to those aquatic fishes thankfully, can at liberty breathe 2.This is a night not city, feast for the eyes, the flower blossoms houseful very far away for cold winter, cool idea but eclipse bone Below the hills of vicissitudes of life, top of hill of thin cool, lose down with the breeze of, not only only have leaf and river those remnants the leaf fall of deadwood, there is no intelligence, settle not ability longevity Shed leaves into mire?Winter snow always not come, the idea can not overaly someone at smile, probably smile to weep over, not ability pure, some affair eyes see also not can is solid The cope of night is more black, idea more and more the wilderness was deep in thought a bitterness to think so long, however is the way out that is feignedly coveting one dish dead chess Close the window as prison, from look for a to put on vivid and unmanned can understand of matter, basically have no call to to who cover up 3.Don't dare to easily turn over a lane those old time things of the pasts are pure shallow, but eye tide easily deluge For consecutive days sunlight very good, but the waterfowl remain to hope the news of the posture of country, that small city, ever and anon, the head quarter blows into my dream inside Seasonal changes already Winter Solstice, go into here, again the woes are all useless to take care of his spring glory of flower, can smile, this quarterly, have already become final phase Will definitely there is heavy snow of, dip down these ficklenesses, calm down to wait red plum of that stub to bloom some aches similar to the love, worth we whole life one a life time of bring upThe brocade Se doesn't take silk Xian

That helps me the Tong for connecting an autumn, he gets drunk, and my lane is motionless."Still keep canning not letting go him.The breeze of early autumn is really cold, Fu Lin Xi takes off the coat on the body to cover with in all aspects her shoulders."Girl's sub- physical endowment isn't so good, remember to wear several more clothes."A snob appeal for living dangerously, but Ji rain hope to sway in the breeze of parasol tree absolute being.

Mutually leave, at present, fly Hong to lead to the utmost, the sky is each a square;The beginning sees, you say night month one Lian to long for dream,

Probably my going to and starting into is all eventually a more gentle and quiet girl, my work is to the bestly match with me at least, by dint of is the columnist whom the school reports in the university, I visit blade enough to spare of daut the keyboard Pa engraving of Pa and record in the text file at in home, then is giving out and editing room, leaned against me monthly neither more nor less payment to survive today.Dark of remaining years, icy cold touch.Is benumbed at this time of I, pulled the travel bag of Hermes to in a determined manner get on board, temporarily disappear of I, is you will soon regret again of he, you weigh the parallel lines that can not match forever.

The Yao Chou appreciates Charng-er's dance in month, near hang towards singing window melons and fruits.This territory then can open first sketch, the Yu returns to deep place far signs of human being. 009 Ruan Langs return to hinder ㄉ to connect Wei to move handsome(Nanking) lotus of strong love of M to win view eyes difficult poor, bodhi big way.A joss stick man of square leaves a temple, in the fairy set glow of sunset.