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Yes, the 30 years reading makes me head for from the desolation plenteous and plump.My pleasure admits here, in my life of each , Baby Moncler Cyprien Hooded Nylon Coat Red 3 18 Months Outlethave never left reading that day, made track for Xi to fondle now, is reading to help me the spirit home for starting to build up to rely for existence, I ain't the one ruins any more, don't more not is desert, but be full of poetic prairie, my heart my work properly be like over there a sad Hong style of writing without restraint speeds of horse, arbitrarily gallop about.

The body of weariness still keeps singing to ring a cuckoo to blare to sing general melody, even if has already far gone to foreign country other place in Marchary.At in Mou ditch, the section Di doesn'tstay by the side constant sky and flowing water.Nearby of the pig can't sing the happy song of ringing the season, however her day has been no longer empty.

You have to care to know deep carry on allusion to him:His global view is false, a lot of illusions or Mao that may be him seen by him think, certainly a lot of time they will in a serious manner, sympathize with ground to follow you closely, be you as the sufferer of having schizophrenia.Meet a good-hearted patient, even will the bitter in taste old woman nature attempt to"awaken" you.

When he becomes overdo to the lookinging at of consternation I, the white shirt that I suddenly thoughted of that the sunlight, hes in that day wears, still have that pure look in the eyes that belongs to a youth.I the Zheng Zheng shed tears and stare at a misty ceiling, ruthlessly bite a pillow and mowed wrist.

The middle age man after getting hold of money jubilantly arrives at my place and mean with gratitude.I say that handing is dispeling it's evil, should should.The dog bites a person to often have occurrence.I this dog wound inoculate a doctor every day is dry don't finish of live, cure for injured of a dog with anxious.I like my own work, but I still hope in the near future, Baby Moncler Cyprien Hooded Nylon Coat Red 3 18 Months Outletthe dog injured becomes a sparse guest.

Become become with vegetable the vegetable get married 10 anniversary days of at the mid-night, become become felt years of mild:Go to work, get off work together and have a meal together, Baby Moncler Cyprien Hooded Nylon Coat Red 3 18 Months Outletthen go to bed every day, calendar one page one page once turned over, heart with each passing day decrepitude.Become think, probably living be so, at the beginning of then allow cold hard time to be small and soft to whet all traces of combustion after intense emotion step back.

He a bottom sit on the ground, part from the Dou in took out small change to count, simultaneously took eyes Piao television screen, not much long, money number finished, he chase number 56 good five hair Qian Chuai enter Dou inside, start with concentration to the ambition ground watched television.The television inside is broadcasting 《Journey to the West 》 , looking at, his eyes are getting moister, he feels he heel this monkeys is like more, boundless find out on the whole in the whole world an and oneself related person, is a related monkey with oneself not.

Two Year 18 of the Republic of Chinas of early spring, the 23-year-old Tong handsome Zhang hard journey ground returns to home town when the plant one after another sprouts.He one meter eight of head, whole body strong flourishing muscle, the whole personal tall and big in stature Gao Da Dun, impetuous.He two ankle Zhuis wear two pimple very heavy sand, walk but the tiger tiger living breeze and don't show a nuisance at all.

The summer mother is from the den in come out, take a photograph in the moment swayed to sway at her, "small Yan, is this it your junior high school graduation that shine on?How do you literally throw indiscriminately!" Once connected photograph, the girl looking at a top those already some unfamiliar side permit, the in the mind is a burst of sad. 59 people of the photograph, but only little he …… 1. The summer of 2009.

When I take over his wine cup, I unexpectedly and ambiguously see the tears of his eyes."Could you accompany me home to see her?"Do not wait I to answer, he then and gruffly the Ye wore me to leave bar. Again walk into the house that I once got lost, I just discover that house it's in fact very big and also set out of very cultured sweet.Suddenly make me have the felling of a kind of house.