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I like to chat with you, because you can have regard for my viewpoint and in many ways listen to I speak, I that acquires respect from you.But at that time I by myself together of boyfriend feelings existence fracture, you often listenned to I complain, my helpless, only you knew.Soon, I break up with boyfriend and drink wine of, have you;Cry bitterly of, have you;Is annoyed of, have you;You are like a big tree, I ain't willing to give up to let go.

The shoulder of big Jiu, falls full very thick 1 F snowflake, Baby Moncler Cyprien Hooded Nylon Coat Navy 3 18 Months Outletthe face closes to him strong solid of Bo neck, feel very hot temperature.I think that that whole world should be all as silent as he to have no voice.Because I hear the feet fall in snow ground, "the Luo Zhi Luo Zhi". Two The outside Ye brothers is seven, in the village is a big door family.While being still a young girl, mother 34 ten people and persons are crowded in a big yard.

One flower January a morning Mu, one water one mountain a calmly.Hold one vein dark joss-stick, carry You ghost dream, a silent years calms down good scenery.The world is pure however, the vegetable Jie is thin shadow.In calm down the winter morning of Mi, Baby Moncler Cyprien Hooded Nylon Coat Navy 3 18 Months Outletexpect one dynasty sun of putting on.Is quiet quiet at soul deep place, feel of heart and heart thick light warmth.

Ding bell!The fanlight bell was to ring to get up, a 30 many year old, wear the man whom the Zhao pen stands lounge suit, walked into the small coffee shop that floats to spread thick coffee joss-stick. "Good afternoon!Welcome!"The young boss's wife benignly receives. Man's one side is politely a little bit tiny to nod, a side walked to the seat of buffet front to sit down, and the openings said to the boss's wife "Troublesome give me one cup Mocha, thank.Okay, please wait for a while.

Involve in other's business and not only take care of a somebody else certainly, for the oneself son, some carefree matters want a tube first.The father thinks that the carefree matter that takes care of to me is to seek object most .The father sought an object fee in those early years many matters, he could not make the son also become a difficult door like him, he wanted to betroth for me early and early.(: )At the age of 12 mother's generation the girl parents whom I go on a blind date seek to come come, say that the kid in nowadays is also all not small, this marriage we still have to become.My attitude several year agos Be getting more explicit, the parents also all early forgot.Kill a distance to bite a gold halfway, parents' some dilemmas.But end or mutually be unsuited to beat to deliver by belonging to.The father has father's plan.In our village, there is a family, isn't only rich but also there is still a relatives to be an officer in the county.

Prospect tomorrow pass by have already become cloud and mist, thoroughly disappear no longer now.The this present life what and actually feels deeply about, 100 think to don't understand only disappointed.When actually return to previously, happiness and happy platform station.Teach the brilliant scholar enjoy 100001000 and settle study in U.S. world to spread.

But he won't know who she is! She likes to see him astonished of facial expression, have fun so much. The flowers all opened, all spirits were dancing. Hence, she walks over there in quick time, intimately the Fu says in his ear:Skin bag. He carefreely smile, pulls her hand and acts with due care and respects ground to say:Skin bag! In the A city, she finally found out that big house, the big house in the street of a peaceful nattiness, orange of, once appeared in her in a dream.

For weigh the decision of big deal, have to have own views, don't depend on other people to point out where is wrong path, if parrot, meet a Bole Jian certainly you, meet mother-in-law Lang and then will eat up you.Oneself's only hasing then correct views can can't be calculated, just be unlikely be misled.

" Hang a telephone, I in a hurry wash Shu in clothes, proper just at 2:30 A.M..Time of going out I took a look father's room, he already sleep next, the my light hand light feet ground closes a door, then drives to seek Jian Yu. Shih-cheng at the mid-night is still very noisy, bead hill path still have many night clubs is doing business.I have already forgotten this is which the time came out to pick up Jian Yu.

Elder brother, Sun Shao An, takes care of family, simple, is on the loess ground a collectively fearless dedication spirit, and reform to open later quickly amass a fortune, melt into nothingness, afresh of rising, like relate us pass by nearby the story of neighbor elder brother and destiny aggro.Have no hypocrisy Jiao to crumple to build to make, have of, is the writing emersion of true story.