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2014 winters are some to have nothing good to report, but I wrote a writing of 《gossip winter 》 and piled up in the cube word of world in, still continue unbearable exclamation of 100 degrees of youth.

"Is young and able-bodied don't make great effort, New Moncler Suyen Shiny Hooded Puffer Coat 2015 Women Outletthe eldest brother Tu is regretful", the ancients gave us the caution.We positive youth juniority, if neglected time, so be us to turn over however realize mistake of, the day of repentance is salvation, also can get empty to sigh time of heartless, harm a bosom thus, does the Tu add regretfully and have to use?"Midnight lights five more the chicken is exactly a man to study", the ancients one language waked up with a start how much stupid youth.

Mutually depend on with text, guard an azure stone heart language, shallow book time, New Moncler Suyen Shiny Hooded Puffer Coat 2015 Women Outletit is each to write to the utmost a flower graceful and restrained, it is ten thousand sort exclamations to express to the utmost the human life, write on the Jian, thin listen to heart of sound, one person is quiet, the full tree flower blossoms, one Que, one song, and then have which article isn't a telling of mind white?

? Is matchless to say:Good.Dream the inside and Yi play house and knot Lu secluded valley far traffic.Male Geng the female knit to cut brocade, Lang load younger sister Shui Wan yarn.Dream the inside and Yi play house, a butterfly is loving a flower.Slice whisper to have no Chen hatred, nestle closely together evening words mulberry hemp.Dream the inside and Yi play house, the candle copies the month of Chuo Chuo like China.

"Now?"I ask him. ", That you to said to see, you and Yang Fan now and future relation?Now are you to all see, friend, but, the future words are infinite may."I looking at Yang Fan Ges to say with smile. "Week Han Mao, you see Yang Fan all have already had Yang Duo , you so not does the ability also come to an infinite possibility with me?"That elder brothers looking at just right Yang Duo of the truth that I said to also walk to come in and sit on Yang fan 's flank.

The clock bathes to leave to see her this lovely of appearance unbearable the specialty kneaded to knead her nose.The bore read disaffection and tried very hard to get away from evil grasp"tell me to bathe an elder brother quickly.Doesn't the " the clock bathes to leave but remains not depend on not Rao" little idiot know?"Say to catch her.Bore's reading is stired by him of ha ha ha smile.

A bottle of old green Chun wine as if, pack in the glass bottle to looking at pure, thin settle.Float to spread out after pouring into wine cup of, but is matchless strong Yu joss-stick.Shape and expression have the snob appeal of pure Yes very much.

The life is once the travel that doesn't have the return journey, New Moncler Suyen Shiny Hooded Puffer Coat 2015 Women Outletimperceptibly, lose, carry on the back, resembled Huang, Be getting more helpless.Once make silly just know to wrong, fan Mang over just know a right and wrong, confused lead just know to release a bosom, once evaded to just know negative heavy.

To think to be not behind the time the mankind have to be like a machine indefatigable work.But the excesssive urbanization construction make a living creature body the mankind for turning worse the dependence instinct of natural appearance.If we are the living creature mankind of organism.We canning not get away from of instinct beautiful landscape.Can not get away from plants.But the urbanization heartlessly negates our instincts.