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The time that is often happy, he will take out a beloved ErHu and sit the song that likes by himself/herself in the yard lira, although isn't very professional, the melody is still floating and tactfully, Moncler Vertical Quilted Front Zip Jacket Black Outletvery moving.The father pulls an ErHu, I brush chopsticks to do dishes for mother, then sit to nearby listen to the most beautiful music at the father.The evening of summer didn't is blazing hot, the fresh and cool night breeze lightly kissed, the green plant source of vitality of one yard is full of life, green thick red and thin medium, the Yan reflects wrong fall to have to of house.The small bird also joins in the fun on the electric wire, the Ji Ji Zha Zha keeps calling and seem is shoulding appreciate this beautiful evening with the father's music.The setting sun draws off, the sky is getting blacker, the father lays up an ErHu, then suggests, the daughter's daughter studies very tired, came out to relax on the whole, accompanied the kid to play mahjong.

Finally, we take a small scaled bread car that gets to great reason under the pass from Lijiang, Moncler Vertical Quilted Front Zip Jacket Black Outletthe car is a bit broken-down, the seat sits in seat of honor full be dressed in simple people, all generally is a native son.

Originally talk that a foreign land's loving is such difficulties, communication, reality, the whole of everything, bear. I asked for leave for 3 day and in a hurry sat to catch fire a car to arrive at A city, just for seeing him, let he to parlance, then thoroughly make a clean break.After telegraph pole, the my distress station's crest wears a big sun and stealthily sees him.

Hear a central continuation piece in 80's, can make business.Listen to again the outside comes back of the person say outside all over the place is a gold.Forerunner Wang moved, his Ci the accountancy's work.He ask Zhang Zi Wen to the home to drink in the evening lousy inebriate, tidied up a few clothes on the second day, have already sat train to the south. Zhang Zi Wen still keeps teaching. The first year, forerunner Wang sent 1,000 dollars toward home.

Stroll in this autumn in, I am like drive one leaf the skiff is from time immemorial since then of, have never experienced to living a chronic illness pain, just in the whole world bum a dynasty, walk to each , mountain landscape water all is towarding me to smile, sits in silence down white cloud also to I low eyebrow, all the way, my heart always packs very full pleased joy.Have already disappeared sadness of at that time shape.

The south text/segment in the sun technical university is only second time lead very quickly, my university lived to all soon pass by a while, Moncler Vertical Quilted Front Zip Jacket Black Outletpast of the loves' hating feeling enemy, right and wrong gratitude and grudges all have already been getting ofer no account, because I remember mother once said, don't ask for trouble for other people.So, suffered an injustice to be subjected to injustice.But the my felling is a men, you carry on the back how much laud, will bear how much slander.I can accept anyone for insulting and humiliating me, I can't have any backstroke to you.Because at my pimping time mother tell me, the tiger can't turn head because of barking as well as give up the step that oneself goes forward because of barking.I also appreciate you, because is that you make me understand what are to dare to love to dare to hate, what is the person's not equal to dog.

of for supper eat midnight 12:00. But the children can not go to bed a sleeping before the guest go out. The grandmother reprimand angrily to:"Nap ghost, uncultivated!" I have to pretend to take heart and listen to them engaging in small talk. Grandfather's grandmother all say that Mr. Tong has culture. Although Mr. Tong is the most friendly to me, always outward the old woman say:"This little girl is smart, the temperament takes care of to order, preservation in the future have ambition.

The Man mountain flower sea, he only noticed her-a stub can't bloom of peony. The green pistil is very surprised:This person, good acquaint with generally. There are some affairs, only one eye, become ten thousand years;Only one eye then decides that the whole life mutually leads long.

" Zhao Tuo sees the people Fu faraway to rush through into here to plea for interview him from Zhao Guo, the heart is unavoidably another surprised, make reference to:" Why matter?" Deng Feng sees Zhao Tuo not only don't angries because she is good at to rush army camp and on the contrary concern her business, a warm cans not help flowing into whole body, feel that Zhao Tuo is indeed as expected like fabulous generous kindness, hence the heart is loose one breath, continue to make reference to:"I the man Xing Hong Ming's dragon is also the people, is adult's under charge one well-known scholar soldier.My man follows behind adult to go down south Ling south, ground quell south pretty, I then with concentration wait on to receive an officer and house Niang at home, anticipate a to is long three years.Early front I the village Tu encounter a big drought, the grain didn't accept and added of Niang in officer's house in the house early suddenly let go of west to return at a year ago and remain me an alone and helpless Ling Ding.Knowing adult has already successfully quelled south Ling and stations soldiers in the Bo Luo's county.People Fu namely sells in home thing Shi and rushes through into here to look for man."