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Go bad a meeting to country Wu?Should admit, the rise and fall of China several thousand years substitutes, several almost is due to going bad because corruption will never be only pass the problem of a few money, mainly tear to pieces this society, and turn worse this social antinomy, finally , in the ruthlessness conflict of life and death alive or dead, go bad of the political power head for to die.

The heart dyes to how many fall Mo and hold book to fly to think one prosperous, the Wan song will have already died prosperous scatter full station Wen Wan.If heart water, if dust the dream breaks a chapter not to exert, the incomplete and disappointed paper declares to round.

The income calligraphy gathers the matching of inside shadow and epigraph and reared the close relatives of author and hair Ze east, nearby staff member, Li Na, , Liu Si together, the leader love fate of Shao China, Li Yin Qiao and Han Gui Xin , and old leadership Yang Gui, strange plum, Deng Cheng Cheng, flow care and support of Ying, Han Zheng Zheng Qi Qi De Qing.

Live in the realistic economy in fact in, at midland national economy total production value in, exceed the profits didn't deduct from the national economy total production value;Is contrary, its being a true wealth is existed to national economy total production value in, and become one of its importance to constitute part.However, more clearly see the true process that the nature labor creation value, this will with the labor exercise analytical method.

Solitary of the figure drift on water in the huge, tonight, again chase heart banishment, current affairs as if a mirror flower water month, sad but beautiful the whose wait for, the thin few Cangses are cool, thin number fall ground in the Qian Quan in the time, some soul shuttles in the time and roves around in the world of mortals, is getting more tired, Be getting more tired, at have no sleep of dead hour, sink own heart to immerse at order some Mo joss-stick medium, Moncler Vanne Funnel Neck Puffer Coat Ivory Women Outlethow much worry, the desire tells and has no speech, expects you to understand and more fears that you understand.Is shallow to hold time, you affectionately smiled dimple to be infected spring, cast a glamour a summer, supple autumn, admired a winter, the vision took a distant view afar and remember floweriness flower not, the dream non- dream of ever, that how much exquisite led long to round, the dream Ying soul led long of figure, accompanied with light and soft melody, in the middle of ordering recalled, flocked in endless waves, rather wallowed in hangover medium, not was waking up.Stay and wait a solitude alone, shallow sing Fang of China, a new moon spread fresh and cool such as water of plain Hui, my figure bathes to know this prosperous material life among them and not inside, who can know me, understand me, pity I, love me, if can mutually know and mutually meet, I wish Qing to exert whole life and gentleman the total Chi is crazy.

See an at present man, the female teacher suddenly thoughted of some affairs.Is ex- some days, she had a class to return to office in haven't waited to sit steady.Several kids whom flurries in movement out of breathly intrude into to come to say to her:"Teacher, Liu will be sprinkled whole body cool water on the drill ground, you hurry son to see!"Follow the direction of kid's finger, the teacher soon found out them.

I think that the of the mountain of Pu Na is what a Ming Dynasty war but spread down, probably with Ming Dynasty some creeping vine.After going to Ming Dynasty, the counties(city) of Guizhou are all some suspicious.Is far of don't say, go to fine Long from Guiyang front line, there is even dam, pure town and town rather, Anne agreeable, Pu settle, Wei rather, Na Yong and Anne's dragon of the southwest of the Qian, Pu Anne and fine Long(thou be named Anna), all take to quell, idea of stabilizing.

The setting sun has a little astonished of say, I also prepare to see, you call what name?I call setting sun.Listenned to her name, I have a little amazement and become overdo to took a look her and still kept answering her, Xi bottom.We are 8 years old that year. Afterwards I knew, originally the setting sun is a princess, have a similar birth with me.

”——This is to teach a son generous act towards people, it has given a lot of thought.