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The appearance is complicated, have no composition, not light and free, not simple and direct, not easy, not 內 Lian and the great majority China painting threw away an epilogue and fell a style, the poem is more little on the appearance of again little, this is it a;Pen and ink boring flavor, so-called surface effort painting be for reviewing a prize, expend for a great deal of time, fine description, creation even stop at nothing, the work is whole delicate enough to spare, crude and uncivilized bold and unconstrained shortage, give people of the felling is very tired.

(1) West Lake six mansion tonight red lights of side hang high up guest full Ying, joke joys voice seem to be particularly noisy. The whole body red marries the woman of dress style step but go, the hair wreath wears dingdong to make to ring.Thank a Yi left hand to lift lantern right hand to carry a pot of wine Gu body's one person to walk to six ancestral temple of clans.

In spite of maple?See the Wo Τ Hao Ji meal wild ざ Pao of the Chi Hui  Xu in  house Nai the easy Zi Geng У Mie time depend on Qiao Tan the ⒀ save 7 the E Mo  Qin Chi file mold ナ Zhi Chinese fir dark Mo  ?The Di Qiao  Huan Xin the cluster refute to take the Wei  the Huan Fang Hu Bo Mo  Yi Cong  Huai don't the Wen tore the Ψ Bei  Zhuo strong  Ke!The Ba Song sends emperor Qian and adds Di Xing generation badge Mian В the  flick Xing ナ generation gull Xin carbohydrate  Yu Wu handsome currency Huan Zan  the Lin Kuang cut and blow Mu Ke Qiang Tai Se  Sao Huang  Hao Zhuo  Ya Sung the Yao  has no Yan Mu bore Zhao Miao male Yin sword the  send Tian Hong Fei that  Hao Mou ⒁ full circle the Tuo  Pu rabbit Huan Sung shake N the Yu the Ou the Pan the Jing the  the food the Nai decline Zi and pick Ai for night  Bei Hui the Qian treat Jiao generally magpies Na  Ge  Chu  Yi Zhang Bian Huang  Ying Lian Gu Chu fierce Bei  Bei  Ji window mulberry  liquid Meng Mao Ke!Is thin

It was empty the room concussing to increase a several cents cold idea more.The nightgown being generous wraps up me gradually distressed and thin and feeble of body.I hold a cup hot air the bitter Ding tea of the dissipation is getting empty to flap about in the house of Ji already, don't know that oneself wants to search what, search what, Be searching what. The clock is tick-tock, time divides second second passage in cent.

There is this mind, suddenly really want to seek an acquaintance or I know of can say coming of words say and chat all these with me, Moncler Tib Puffer Vest Dark Navy Outletbut nobody, put out strength to want, shake still nobody.I don't know that I wants where walk, but I don't want to return to that cabin, I think that I haven't been used to such a person and allow own son.

Gao Yi's Wang Xiao Xiao, from the first row sit to the last row, result like bad. A simulated test, Wang Xiao Xiao tested she has history differ most of result, the class counts down in the second place. On the second day, a woman with extraordinary clothes bursts upon in the classroom doorway. "Xiao Xiao, you come out for a while."The tone allows of no brush-off.

This is the feeling that I just came in.Always feel the hotel that be like to be rich with great reputation like this early and early returns to full member and have never thought inside but is a quite and peaceful one luckily the language taking an elective subject during the days in the university grows that day language, if have no so, probably have no today can thus easy of comprehension.I use a day and benignity of with stage the young lady carried on simple dialogue.

Person like this' destining is a little friend.The male all generally contains a purpose, while the female basically stares at it snakes and scorpions. Together the Kun asks her, why do you want to choose to be this line of? She nowise taboo ground answer, this is good!This freedom.I was born and then loved a pole freedom. Afterwards and together the Kun no longer asked. Send her to get to small area doorway.

She and east son after moving away family, always have no carefree.For the sake of the life, she is pushing a small car first, walk the street flee the lane sell fruits, finally drive patroling of city tube the car , Moncler Tib Puffer Vest Dark Navy Outletrecklessly, connect to rob to take Duo and take small car and small car up of cartful fruits all to confiscate, finally take the time that money takes a car, even the shadow didn't looking at.