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Make use of labor sport rule, discovered conjecture to be worth of and true be worth of, again value with not and again be worth of, quality value and non- quality are worth of etc. a series of of value sport corpus, these concrete value form, Moncler Quilted Front Zip Sweater Navy Outletsubstantial is value sport of undertake.Particularly make progress to the virtual worthy research.So-called conjecture value, "this kind of special true labor mean production to in the center connect to transfer to labor a labor within product.But the conjecture labor then point regardless and directly and all indirectly can't transfer to labor a labor within product."(Once Shao strange 《natural economics 》 page 3092001), in the former economics, labor and value are disjunctive, the value of the product not necessarily wants from labor decision, can be also decided by non- labor.This theory is obviously false.

"At that time, China was a weak country, the Lu fast basic pity was widely subjected to oppression and was discriminated against of crowd, so Lu fast personality doctrine is combined mutually with its humanitarianism, he hoped to be weak self-renewal, this was sympathetic toward strong with Nietzsche, the desire was strong stronger dissimilarity.

What are you vexed?Seeing me could eliminate for you and said to see.Husband, spoil too much strong, depend on everything him, small age will cellular phone.I say:'The age is why still young, study in primary school, want a cellular phone!'Who know, strong play horizontal to don't study to coerce parents.His father is afraid he, also promised, and still bought'lousy apple'.

I knew her at this school.Also only she is my best friend. She, Be from fragrance of books noble family.It is very popular in the class, there are a lot of friends.It has been six years since we together played!Can I can't thought of, she will do an affair like that! In the morning, Moncler Quilted Front Zip Sweater Navy Outletthe bird crows in the treetop.The sky Zhan is blue, the white cloud is long.It is the whole infinite and fine.I am like usually similar, slowly and longly alignment campus.

Is a Chuan and carries 《snow country 》 that the Kang becomes, decide to sit train and leave the split second of the house in September and unconsciously grasped this book from the bookcase, affair be so coincidentally, this is an origin that likes most in September. Like a train, so like 《snow country 》 , this kind of logic is always all affirmative in the in the mind in September, never occurrence change.

I grasp 200 dollars that leave since five uncles and towarded a soil house to sign a layer after layer asseveration, must claim pawned article handed down from the ancestors of that, otherwise be really disgraced to see forbears.Put away travelling bag, my path keeps into train station to walk...I came back, Be not the poor youth who is looked on coldly by person any more at the beginning after 20 years.

He appears in Wang Chu Xin's in front again afresh, clear eye persons all know that he still has that meaning to her, but frees to wind blows and rain beats down to go, Wang Chu Xin still doesn't change original intention persistence this heart.Lin Xi didn't understand, the white was pure to want money rich, the important business industry occupies industry, so persist again to her, she how see not and up a somebody else.

He very long not language, wait she to see toward his time he is no longer that pair smiling face Ying the shape of the Ying.I had a late lament once to grow here full the other shore flower, I wanted while waiting until the other shore flower to blossom, invited her to together appreciate.That be really regret, you only have on the seventh.Will you dance?Can't.Play the piano?Can't.That can accompany my next dish chess?I can't play chess.

Time of Mary Anne goes out and goes home all very regulation, don't also take other people back, majority of time are all very quiet, I rejoiced to seek such a rommate very much. Usually I will study around 11:00 till dead hour, the light of Mary's Anne's room early put out.The tea and drinks that just looking at to just put a table side made me some to surprisedly raise head.Mary Anne stands by me, the soft light pluses her soft facial expression, be like the fairy of sad Min nature and man.