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I covered up to once walk small way, walk to Lin Zi.At I at present, is 1 rightness to in former times the young men and women of arrival, they or Wan hand stroll, or mutually depend on nestled closely together to lie on the grass cluster??????The youth men and women after death still forming a pair at me come to speak to my such an old person, not difficult judge, they are the students of county city some high school.I feel that my step has already put enough and slowly, can who know that they always still want the speed of the slowly a lot of times than me.As for this kind of phenomenon that difficult to understand, I usually is isn't intentional to surmise, much less I am enduring the heart of drop blood today, spend Mr. to hand over a fee to come out relax by taking stroll.Have no necessity to waste oneself's gold expensive spare time time on the irrelevant affair.

Such as flower the United States the Juan, Moncler Oversize Collar Hooded Puffer jackets Plum Women Outletthe years pass by quickly, can return in the past, can not return at the beginning.Probably being the Yin of previous incarnation is probably the good luck of the future life, wrong meet in the this present life, the Tu increases a gratitude and grudge that has no fruit.(: )Do not shriek with pain, not necessarily don't feel, is that the pain is too deep, drowned all echos.

After meal about 2:00, we a go 3 people to beat of, run fast to the Dian pond, different meeting, 500 inside Dian pond, then rush to eye bottom.Vegetable Dian pond well known as Dian pond, the scene is beautiful, green jade wave ten thousand just, very small and distant boundless, the sail of boat orders a point, nature beauty of lakes and mountains, it make people infatuate with.Appreciate, the fan inebriates, in admiration of, but he, doing not lose opportune moment ground will introduce severals.Joke, continue to climb to the western mountain of lake front, the curving stone stairs path extends to the summit of hill.

I want to ask:Poison Biao existence legal?Although also not and indeed know so far, whether poison Biao belongs to a control product, it is absolutely a dangerous goods, to the society, environment, and the person's life property affirmative exist tremendous harm and threat.Don't know that the dangerous poisonous Biao is to pass how of the path production come out of, and still have a certain market.

That holidays, the father then stays in the home and does some agriculture to live for grandfather.He also usually talks with me and tell me some how to get along with people and principle.The new semester started, the father wanted egress again, but he took younger sister and also sent into an elder sister also the school study.This to elder sister, the nature is a very happy matter.Get to return to new book that day, she enjoys of a time of time turn over to looking at incognizant lesson originally.The grandfather looking at, the tears also flowed down.

Return to turf-grass there, 2 people discover Lin Shu already not at, Wang Qiang breaks through Lin Shu's cellular phone to just know, Lin Shu sees they go to for a long time, a person goes to and appreciates fish of there. "I think did the toilet flood and see to two of you have no a matter.Early like, I ordered affair to hold up with small strong discussion, ashamed."Know before the distance that Lin Shu is playing trick, also easy to read keep on answering.

I am strong to endure emotion to kneel to sob a way in father's in front:"Daddy, your son are this time getting more shameful for you.For this once again have no two times!"The father quickly starts to pull me and hands me to the bedside to say:"Son, you dad's age Be getting older, this is old thick-skinned not afraid throw a person.As long as you hereafter can have ambition, your dad's this face, don't several times all go."The deeply sorry and ashamed feeling makes me sob.I know that I should grow up.I reported a year before score line to compare my cent to want many a high schools.Didn't entertain at that time what hope.I start making firm resolve study decision to fight preparation again for one year in the that period of time that didn't school begins.But proper nearby school begins of time suddenly check me be admitted, this also being regarded as can hear within this period of time of a past news, the atmosphere in the home also a little bit had an amendment.

It is thus clear that the foreign verse literature influences the local network author rather deeply.I also have the habit of the verse magazine of reading abroad.I recommend a poet here, his name calls Wei Ji Er.The Wei Ji Er isn't a modern poet, his poem, can call the classic literature of abroad.

Rain lightly floats a ground of downfall in the middle of doing not feel, not thin feel can't discover.The car wheel that that man is then and without telling anyone tiny to knit the brows, turn wood system after sawing an eye again according to heart has been already left.