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How can and so?Xu Ze Qu where?Why a don't utter of abandon her? If the week regretted, she knew Be getting wronger, hereafter don't fight with him again, hopes that he can return to nearby, she cans not gets away from him. Night, if the week is been aimless to walk avenue up, she doesn't have night scene that idea appreciates a city and just is worry of have been walking, Be full to is Xu Ze's shadow in in the mind brain.

But, the list isn't enough with my a person's strength, I want to look for help, and I want to seek a substitute, attach my psyche on him and ask for help of his strength to revenge.Hence, my beginning drifts everywhere and looks for the person whom I want to seek.

Winter that doesn't is cold, gnat fly meeting often the Ding our body, let the virus spread everywhere.There is no winds and clouds surging, lightning flashes roll of thunder, can't have, either is horizontal empty sail across ocean of rainbow spectacular sight.

The small feather ate a surprised, her heart is tightly clenched by an invisible hand- this kid who haven't been born, Moncler Nylon and Jersey Zip Hoodie Black Outletfinally will also become own?"Kid, you don't should come!"The drop of tear of big drop rolled to fall in the feather eyes since the childhood.Part3.Since the hospital came out, the small feather difficultly hands over website to move a step toward Mr..However the distance of 100 meters, the small feather seemed to walk so long for a century.Standing in bus stop is full etc. of the anxious and fretful discomfort car person, everyone raises a head to hope the bus drives of direction.Just wait in a short while, small feather feel to can not stand, also had no on the station seat, she had to slowly move to one to leave her own recent post to rely on support beside.Slowly, the small feather feels go out noodles of cold.Although the breeze isn't big,seem to have knife sort sharp blade, blows tiny living on the face painful.

We usually take a walk together, she asks me to like what kind of life.I say a mild life and wait predestination to arrive, seek a husband gives birth to a child and accompanies parents to slowly become old and looks after child to gradually grow up, Moncler Nylon and Jersey Zip Hoodie Black OutletBe getting more satisfactory.She seems the deeply drunk is in my answer, then say with smile:"I also think so.

Get to invite university in Hong Kong a lecture, there is history first time, incredibly didn't be embarrassed.Publish novel to gather 《love wife (Hong bookstore Fan)》 and 《elegie (33 book shops)》 in Taiwan.Visit Taiwan for the third time.Doing not get lost this time also wasn't bitten by the dog.In 1987, leave for the United States, take part in the 20th"international writer plan in Iowa".

The life has a lot of accidents always quietly but goes to and lets people Cu cannot compares with to defend.When the other people neglect you, don't be sad, everybody has his/her own life, it is already a great years mercy to can accompany you to once walk brief distance.Have probably a lot of matters we beat heart bottom to would not like to believe, either of fact, but, in addition to accepting, we don't have no his method.The life is endless, and goes and cherishes.

Or emphasize consideration particularly writer Zhang cover the concentration integrity of contents, or keep a literary history stage of pure clear in meaning, or proceed from Chien to in summary write a principle clearly, or station explain literary value and meaning in a certain thought cultural angle of view.Three kinds of teaching materials of different editions all well affirmed Lu fast of at value, influence and position of Chinese contemporary literature history.

History to refute Li Jia Tu's standpoint up didn't°yet economist like this.Only can complete this proof in the natural economics:at various have the natural energy participates in of in the production, Moncler Nylon and Jersey Zip Hoodie Black Outletwas a natural labor help life to produce use value.