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Long San holds the hand of knife the first time shiver.Long San made his lifetime biggest mistake, he not should in front of opponent kindness. At Long San brief absentminded, autumn waters' knife profoundly put into his belly. But, Long San's left hand dead hopeless situation held tight a sting to enter him bodily of knife body, once the under charge put out strength, Moncler Noues Wool Inset Puffer Jacket Navy Women Outletautumn waters' knife then broke to make 2.

There is a classification that leave obscure, but start to concuss years of ripple;There is 1 kind that distress dream Huan, only leave to silently sigh in sorrow.I rejoice while soon testing Gao I forgot handsome, rejoice oneself finally can't make again mean, however, my but again fell in love with the Hao of classmate, the Hao says very angrily:"What I like is a woman, not a man!"The classmate of surroundings smiled.

My mind is also profoundly influenced gradually, on the other hand feel deeply about poet not vulgar artistic talent, feel deeply about the deep experience of the author to the life at the same time.Life is but a dream, life such as flower, life such as drama, life such as song etc., it is thus clear that people get helpless life parable just like it cent.Say with detail life how much desolate, say with detail several sorts of lives complicated, said with detail life more endless helpless.The person has no a hundred years like:Life just in a hurry several 10-year scene, Moncler Noues Wool Inset Puffer Jacket Navy Women Outlethave to make people feel deeply about time of heartless.However, the Zong is a life such as the flower, but we can hold each temporarily engrave, one says vulgar of old words-make a living well.(: )The flower has no red on the 100th:Big parts of time of flower all at lonesome mid-degree lead."Is quiet quiet flower language no man solution, only vomit You toward the mountain corner joss-stick".

61, the Buddha say:The in love isn't a philanthropic work, don't can literally give.Feelings is to have no formula, there is no principle, doing not make sense can follow.But people Be till death to all be still persisting and pursue.

She turns over the shows to medium page, is an in appearance the leg woman be only dressed in ballet skirt and walk with a cane, before mirror proud chin, do to dance carriage, feel like really and lightly dance.The photograph is intentionally adjusted into black and white of, the woman is in the face in the mirror is focuse of place.Her thrush, also lipstick, the noodles permits a gentleness leisurely.

Lookinging at small north of Sung is red of face, allow clear sun once the chopsticks throw and greatly trod to go out. Four allow clear sun to run to a dozen of basketballs to vent in the drill ground, whole body sweat.He secretly once sought Chen Xu.Tell him Sung the small north how liked him and hoped that he not is hiding again her.

Just we need is analytical for a while those early years of the circumstance will discover, Chang Hsueh-liang not and so brilliance. Know to all, 918 incident that days originally capture a northeastern beginning.Was the northeast in the whose hand at that time?Chang Hsueh-liang.

Is regrettable-slice still unreal.He again title hope to watch from a distance that light, lost shining glory, because of daytime.Suddenly, he had- the decision of the brave:He wants to ask actually … at dusk cent, and then shone that light.He thinks scene after meeting, head for the end of hallway like this.The person whom he didn't care to nearby pass by, his heart just in the plop, the plop keeps jumping.But he can not retreat, now that come out-tread will bravely stand down.

I became the imperial concubine that he dotes on most , I really loved him, he also really spoils Ni I, just I at that time didn't know to spoil Ni isn't love. My man's natural character is naughty, Moncler Noues Wool Inset Puffer Jacket Navy Women Outletjust had the person of devotion, but had never refrained from rash action, more because his spoil Ni, is more overbearing domineering. This is the Dou cocktail party of the human life, the thing of that irritable flavor, people call his wine.