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There is a village that nameds Yu mountain village formerly, five bad tigers.These five bad tigers would be:Grandpa, Zhao San, , two a by the name of Zhao Guang to son, one nameds and;The one of two grandsons is Zhao Peng, one is Zhao Zhong.Zhao San collaborated with authorities and walked sideways violent in action in the village while being young and had no bad don't do.

Being many is 2 years old of your getting into the first to rebel to expect don't let you dry matter you bent on having stem to want the matter that you do, you stubbornly not annoy Lao Tze want to beat a person to annoy your boy cry The time that is lovely is also a your small mouth keep saying the sweet smiling face asks for a person to love to see you ah also happy you are the good son Lang of Niang, you are the insect of making trouble of dad In fact you are the formation of ego consciousness to show that what you grewed up stem to all go to want to investigate world's being in need of ability again is people to often say of"show off skill" to release to make you investigate potential for doing not strangle you by the adult's mindset Son Lao Tze from thought to see many books educated you still more than enough can succeed who knew all of those theories are in the armchair strategist lives of you often let Lao Tze headache saw to is that the effort of Lao Tze's self-discipline isn't enough to deal with your this small urchin Lao Tze wants continue self-discipline mindset the balance does the heart of a kid hearts beats in harmony with you to yours "loafer" to no longer become angry to no longer love to make you freely and at ease grow up to yours "breakage" give you the life of an ego development 2014.12.25The lateness leaves early a coupon, let officers and workers' right become wastepaper

Probably, this was also my only phrase that can find out to cry up Zhang Yun Feng.Is like that the many people Kua not beautiful girl is lovely.My Leng Leng, hurriedly lay up thoughts and feelings, fear that own reaction lets a Rui shell the card is embarrassed.But the Rui shell card seemed to be still to understood thoroughly the viewpoint of my in the mind.She is just tiny tiny on smiling, have no not happy, or explanation.

The pack of the bar is all full to fullly sit to drink to chat in and hall of person, although the many people sits on the different wine table,seem to be all to know mutually.Lift wine cup and wine bottle come up to send present in return wine in the wine table of the whole bar, someone also nestles the door of in the bathroom there and want to vomit again and again not to come out??????The time led at 2:00 A.M., bar inside almost have no how much person at.L their pack also withdrew out, everyone saw all have already drunk about.

She holds up to settle water with the hands and come in contact with a surface in the hand of that, the hands immediately become matchless pallor.She looking at reflection on water in, Moncler Mixed Media Quilted Front Hooded Jacket Navy Outletthe shadow of oneself's faintness.Along with the ripples, leave toward the direction of green mountain at 1.1:00.Leave with the light breeze, far go and go with the negative big current, go with the old scenery and go with the withered fallen petal with the grey hair.

The night is how miserable, own heart with night like this again where is the difference.At so-called prosperously is after death endless empty Wu and solitude, headgear gorgeous, Gao Lou Jin eats to arrive to all come to just a cloud and mist that makes fun of life, when the pleasant breeze is blown, smoke dissipation, Moncler Mixed Media Quilted Front Hooded Jacket Navy Outletleave of only have distressed oneself and spread all over motley of come road.

The flavor of tulip didn't fill the air by the side of the countryside any further, the E son flower not was personally blooming, and this is no longer a season for blooming.Being gobbled up all Maos by the approach in winter is purple flaming red, of on the limitless star, body one person cans not find from already of shadow, breeze, deteriorate and disperse all of my dreams, nursery tale disturb to with meticulous care draw up, change countenance have been already covered with dust of mind courier station.

Probably we have never his distress, but life's society in now, is what we lead easy?We all wanting of each night think how my life descend to go everyday and drown degenerative numbness of do a walking corpse, or strong of start to stand your breast proud Yang wear you noble of does the head contend to the destiny?Probably we need to be like the hero like this of Beethoven more on the ages in now and give we with urge on, give we with encourage, not Be lowered the head to social unjust, brave of that the whole of misery trample in the foot! "The hero that I am called of, person don't claim leadership by the thought or the strong dint, but depends mind but a great man."Like this does Luo Man say.My person of generation banality didn't need as well to hard to tacklely pursue that impractical imagination, in the society like this, could we chase that all wisheses evers to carry out?Probably we needing to do a little Kui is not at the heart, this life is live meaningful.Probably we should have great love and forgive commiserative love, we while getting the other people's courage, can chase some love disseminations at the others, is also a business of greatness that we do.

The importance is of no account, Moncler Mixed Media Quilted Front Hooded Jacket Navy Outletproblem in fact isn't also respect and do respect, make reference to bottom, is a self-confident heart strong and not strong problem.This tournament opponent that compares to in the athletic field, whether the opponent is how strong or not, I am me, have to have a kind of conviction that necessarily wins from beginning to end on the match field, in own heart, only I am the most important and can win most .Only so, can exert the success that it can obtain.