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After 《not and truly and not Rao 2 》 broadcast, the small poem of 《saw or disappeared 》 widely popular network, Moncler Men Cashmere Logo Scarf Charcoal Outletand still appeared "saw and disappeared a body", that time, if who delivered several poems that noted to have Cang Yang the Jia Cuo the name, will arouse sensation, seeing to the power head of Cang Yang Jia Cuo has already covered excessive now whichever poet.This time, appear a lot of false poems of the Cang Yang Jia Cuos on the network.

12, exhibition Bo:You know that all national head of states is use network and QQ to contact each other, if the network disordered, will result in international misunderstanding, that can bother.

"Want back quickly!" My in the mind a tight, face suddenly the Da draw down come."This lets my Zha wants.I and the small piano is talking of hot fire mile.Return by this time bracelet, our weddings are getting more yellow." Mother's drum wear the Sai help son, Moncler Men Cashmere Logo Scarf Charcoal Outletvision fierce expect Ba of, was like a knife Chuo to arrive my in the mind.

Sweet you stand on the top, a hand lies prone set in the sky, a finger wears distance a very Gao once wore Gao many communication iron pagodas of bank of cloudses very much then happily tell me to say"I want a top to go, I want a top to see scenery.

Father pass by also ever once said for us, be he ascended a car that left for west's went to and passed by the split second of family and hoped far go to of village, hoped the grass building of oneself, hope old more get sick of father and mother, hoped chase a car cry shout of sister-in-law.The heart,such as knife, wrings, liver and intestines break.But he makes a firm decision and gives up a small house and protects a nation, Moncler Men Cashmere Logo Scarf Charcoal Outletmust holds tight this revolution opportunity and owns poor life to fight to the end and determinedly comes out a sea of woes.The alignment of father's firmness is bright and brave new social, head for the new business that Gao Ge Meng enters.Go to the motherland needs most of the place go, to work the hardest post to go.

The Dou turns a star to move, the sun and moon shines in glory;Sky the long day is long, myriad people toward doing obeisance, a shore that unexpectedly resumed source of vitality, ran an arbor to arrive at river on a circle month of night in"stone arbor horse" four stone horses jumps down a Fu river, lead river after go straight to opposite mountain beam but went to ……(new China build up after the period of"four disposals move" destroyed "stone arbor horse", three stone horses leaving are again smashed 1 by many matters and push next the Fu river's river.Afterwards some common people silently transport only left two stone horses to several 100 meters inside oblations in far"the east Yue temple", and then invited stone mason to create a stone horse to also along together put in"east Yue temple".Ruin the idol in"the east Yue temple" afterwards, in the wave tide of "the anti- superstition breaks four old" again, change"east Yue temple" to be finished"respect old hospital".Again afterwards, become railroad and National Freeway to cross a stone because of treasure Ma Zhen is inshore, stone Ma Jiu Zhen be tored down, afresh programming constucted stone Ma Xin Zhen, and molded a Teng in the street heart garden in the new town empty speed of horse-although this horse is handsome and dominant,this horse is obviously a bit unworthy of name with"stone horse" in town.Because stone Ma Xin Zhen built new of respect an old hospital, Moncler Men Cashmere Logo Scarf Charcoal Outletoriginally"east Yue temple"'s changing old"respect old hospital" setting up has already abandonned need not, three stone horses in the hospital have no idol and the keeping company with of old man seem treat coldly many.Regrettable is after"stone Ma Zhen" get because of"stone horse", the stone Ma Zhen Gong's agriculture as if the horse dash about a sort quickly develop strong, but the sign of in the town-"stone horse" but be deserted unfrequented in river's near the bank.

Someone says the Eastern Europe verse"can make people have a taste a flavor", but modern verse in China then"can make people smell breathing".I think that this is the modern verse idea the art magic power of the United States. The idea is beautiful to is the artistic conception of the poem of that the combination that passes abundant phrase and vocabulary expresses, give people a kind of stereoscopic of, true but again vain of, can only the idea will can not talk to spread of art atmosphere.

Very, and someone tries to use to shrink a bone achievement, lose small youth of shape from guard against theft window top go toward in send, then computer the teacher stung by conscience, immediately a burst of roars, “You this how many lie prone on that stem what?”Ha ha, at the moment smell of gunpowder and smoking the flavor hand over to gather since then, the Cu cannot compares with to defend, and everyone is dense as a block.

Think at the beginning as I am just knowing with Chen Ke, Chen Ke still takes I was girl to see of, even to me had the meaning of the one silk so, only I was still frightened, wanted to evade him, with as for he thought I didn't like him and from now on took no account of me any further, while I had never dared to speak up to now my liking Chen Ke these am a simple words.