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Just, in the Rui shell card exceed into the second year of Qi outside, cold water sprinkled to put out the flaming love fire of the heart of distance Hao.That day, the distance Hao pulls our one big cluster of person to drink, but only don't call Rui shell card.To know we rice of the past Ceng distance Hao, all lend the Rui shell the light of the card.

However the ancients thinks "the extremely evil Yin is a head", the men and women drift along, corrupt public morals and is allowed of no by morals.The ancient times is very scathing to the punishment of "commit adultery".Have been already jotted down in 《still book 》 :"The men and women don't hand over by righteousness, its Xing temple".From Tang after, the in the past law has explicit penalty towards"commit adultery" also all.

That is autumn in 2014, every four years, I another time saw Zhao Yu.The years imitated a Buddha to leave on him too many traces, however 27-year-old age, already the vicissitudes of life of all over the face, decadent facial expression any further could not look for ever and the slightest of the sunlight is bright.I think that Sung accepts if see, must be very sad.

A month ago, 2 people just held a wedding at the ambition hero's old house, who will thought of, a rightness of husband and wife of newly married Yans Ers, unexpectedly would make to this kind of situation for the small matter of some trivial matters!Calm down terriblely in house, deeply night view outside the window give dead in the house general of the hush put on 1 F terrible atmosphere.The small feather is worried that oneself will be gobbled up by this atmosphere, she the side body pick up the remote control on the sofa and turn on a television.Ray and Yi Yi that gleams on the screen ah ah of voice force small feather surrounding this hush fill with, terror temporary back ray irradiation don't arrive of distance.What television presents to public is a television drama that the recent heat sows, the small feather stares Chou to wear a television, but what don't also see understand.The TV screen gradual faintness gets up.

The self-discipline of this kind of true effort not only pen and ink technique, drawing an outside effort is more.Draw an article personal character all, the person's article 徳 quality decides to draw the superiority of article.Currently, Moncler Lochet Quilted Puffer Jacket Black Women Outletflow in the thing desire , money in command society in, China's painting the person of altar chain true effort is getting less, this is main reason.

The breeze blows cool, one cup tea, the setting sun won the old horse at running. Turn head to see, snow dyes white and grows hair. Youth drive, the breeze urges greatly, the facial appearance has never changed heart to contain Ba. I love you and love to make me let go of. …… I sit before window and hum to sing that 《let go of 》 of beard summer time and time again, the drop of tear slides past canthus that ugly scar formation, Moncler Lochet Quilted Puffer Jacket Black Women Outletbreathed low fall.

Hey, young girl!Drink to harm a body!Ha ha!"Rice western second Nao Nao head, " that wants 1 bottle!" The big uncle whom the west of the rice is second to take an owner goes fetch beer and set up for to straightforwardly drink. In the rice career of west second 18 years, she is always what drop wine don't be stained with, the neighbouring good miss of typical model, good baby.

Is painful, can beat to a kid 1,100 times, but his head quarter again station rise once.The nobody is understand he is insisting what, because of, the kid's world, thousand Zis are 100 Tais, who can't understand.A page page turns over to looking at diary, the between the lines is a thus innocent intention.From painful, arrive strong, unexpectedly such simple and unimaginable.Become huge to become the time of November 10, 2009 lead of really quickly, turn an eye, I become one year older again.

The aged relates the things of the past of blood rain Xing breeze for kid under the tree.Accepted history in a pair of eyes with pure doubles, also stired up the respect to a hundred years old Huai. The wood stone old man sank to immerse to once come and go in."Bomb Long" one is huge to ring, interrupt a wood stone of the old man's way of thinking.Two woods led young young man to push the school that the only an old brick Lei becomes in village.