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Bise Lin Lin, he sets alight a heap of fire in the cave, outside white snow in cave Ai Ai, but inside the hole even if set alight fire still keep being an utter darkness one.He often adds a firewood, fire's pouring is burning and prosperous.What do you call?He sees carelessly ask, but eyes have been lookinging at her.The month of the brocade.

Walk to the bedside, sit at ground up lean against a bed to help, tidy on the bed of fold marrying of red, red dress gold silk, bride's headdress Xia Pei.Slowly raises a hand, from marry to touch in dress an a piece of jade to wear, a piece of blood stain, seem to want a houseful of red melt together. "Is satisfied to wear, not is say you?The Shao member W∫ Huang Fu  Mu Se utters the Fu bed Huan areca Wu  .

Together was the red fan's Zhang Ai Ling to once say her life in of three greatly hated a matter:On hating Shi fish many bones, two hate begonia to have no joss-stick, three hate Red Chamber Dream not yet finished.My age is still young, the matter of life through few, as a result in my eyes this life is the biggest to hate a matter is a Red Chamber Dream not yet finished.

In the heart again not from of worry:She will can't get angry, she will can't ignore me forever …more think more ill at ease.This night, he have many nightmares. On the second day, the sun remains, but his heart not ability as before quiet.-Homework in whole day, he listens to the sparse inside is careless, guess various possibility in the heart.But, her idea, seem him can not guess forever either. The classmates come and go in the hallway.He still keeps looking for her Fang Zong.

Most let people Jing excitement of, is be apart from the dead ten several rice outside of soil Geng underneath, there is a red silk kerchief that grows about ten several Li rices.Handling a case a personnel is obtain what one has wished for a long ti, towarded this silk kerchief to launch an abundant imagination.

He frequently reads a good phrase, assiduous do a pen, diligently surmise, Moncler Lavendan Funnel Collar Puffer Coat Women Outletso the progress is very quick.Soon wrote some excellent pieces.It is like 《glowworm 》 , and 《brocade river's serenade 》, 《 peach blossom younger sister 》《lotus miss 》 ...etc..These works made people also establish the main special feature of the creations of his lyrics with the enjoying of warm and fragrant romantic and beautiful pure and natural grace and displayed a character of excellent phrase house.

Occasionally not self-confident of I also not is to pretty much make sure to own above the all of ability said, but very certain elder brother Zhu's this absolute Chang is bright, change an angle to see, in fact to me this enough.As for he this pet name is how have already had no at present since then from research, know his first day since so call.

Sou of a , battle fire, disaster and trouble, take how much need to be comforted of living to work properly.For on the hoof, not only only is reformation and aggro, but also need to be undertaken huge painful and huge sacrifice.

"Certainly, I will definitely cure good he, I call without the sorrow, parents early Wu, the in home is a generation card shark" without sorrow tiny tiny on smiling to beat, cold Yan although the heart shows doubt to delude, but the heart embraces to kill the in the mind that Ma Dang lives horse doctor and order"good, you try, if the successfully necessary daughter mutually allowneed not daughter, I want to marry him" without sorrow lightly on smiling, float on the face up although red and dizzy"good, if you cure good he, I agree" is to really believe her, but now can also kill Ma Dang to live horse doctor, thoughted of here the cold Yan point nod Dong Fu Nan Ge without sorrow a come in of the appearance is Dong Chen's pain and sufferings of lie bed up, the face changes because of being poisoned of red and swollen, the past days of handsome don't reply existence, see here see without the heart of sorrow give correct, "the inviting a madam immediately prepare this a few medicines for me and otherly teach me and make reference to without the sorrow, without extra trouble from the book on the stage of one side that pen and ink write, not to finish writing on frightenning, pass to cold Yan, the cold Yan tooks a look the above medicine and immediately keeps on ordering, the medicine material soon sent to come up, and with cook herbal medicine" invites a madam to leave."Say without the sorrow, the cold Yan doesn't trust of order, leave. A drop of blood lightly smiled to smile without the sorrow from without the sorrow of the hand the upper-class drop entered herbal medicine, the slightest don't feel painful, the brain presents a that day's mother-in-law eventually is to smile, Moncler Lavendan Funnel Collar Puffer Coat Women Outletpicked up a medicine to walk without the sorrow with the her words"