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Continuously raises along with the common people living standard ground for the last few years, people of pleased celebrate to amuse an activity to gradually become to what stuff Bi vulgar turn, particularly some marriage funeral customses, such as marriage and full moon...etc. of city county countries present cheap and vulgar condition, people's behavior expresses a bit stupid, savage and mean, resulted in bad social influence.

The place floats in the sky, how many deeply drunk, how many expect, the willow catkins falls thick and fasts between the reality and the dream world, heavy flower

Hence, I start playing truant, and a few small rascals mix to arrive together, the whole day doesn't have a class, stuffy under the style that dormitory … can as a result, at quickly in test, don't know the reason why, school suddenly severely punishes to play truant of student, strictly and speedily, we severals consider as correct, don't know the unprogressive member of immensity of the universe and became typical model.

Little wood and floret this holds to conclude to marry ceremony towards falling in love lover for eight years, finally in this year's great occasion of nation stanza. The days before getting married, Moncler Lans Short Puffer Jacket Black Women Outletthe little two people wants to go to work and wants to hold to do a wedding and also wants favour to live household chores, can chase them tired Be getting worse.

On the second day, we seek, he just returns to halt ground.The Ma Huang closes.Say to you probably can hardly believe, there is a Ma Huang foolish in one of our technician's nose a month, just started a nose old bleed, felling dizziness, go to hospital check, didn't check what cause of disease.The opportunity of a fortuity, he next mountain rest, Be steeped by Wen Shui Yi while taking a shower, that Ma Huang probably through can not stand oppressive heat like that, automatically rush out.

I tell a son, the road of life walks of Be getting longer, really some mind and bodies are exhausted, once did of the affair really would not like to enjoy in retrospect.The result son says that the life originally was a kind of summary.Be don't wish to walk, is also should not live dangerously.If this continues, how can to the life bottom that must rise self-discipline for numerous years Yun.

" The bee sees Xu Rong from beat two box on the ear of recordings, still don't change air opinion to lie, then again fly to in his chin.Allow glory to hurriedly clap bee, was still to beat oneself this time a record box on the ear don't clap bee, but he still doesn't change to brag to say a next time and then can definitely clap bee.

A person weeps and sniffles ground to walk at from home to the road of school, alone and helpless is wretchedness very much.With waited at down stairs in oneself's house for the first time at after death strict Mo Shi still comfortable, till the time of point didn't see still comfortable, then made a telephone call."Still Yi, still comfortable don't have a class?""Is still comfortable, she just went out ah, already on the road!" Strict Mo Shi takes back a cellular phone and go toward once the pocket put and run to the school.Strict Mo Shi Tui grows and see front in a little while of still comfortable, strict Mo Shi wants openings, but as for voice that heard still comfortable to sob, one Zheng, don't bother her, unexpectedly be like at the beginning still comfortable with at he behind similar, they of only the distance of 50 meters, if he runs up also however several seconds.

In the afternoon, I just came home, the matchmaker also came in later on and smiled happily.I how not happy, in poor fettlely beat hello.How?Still go.The matchmaker says.Don't see pure.That what did you see?Bridge leg.Ha ha.The matchmaker greatly says with smile, the big brothers really jokes words, go on a blind date not to see a person, see a bridge leg why?I am red face to to house walk.Mother's favour comes out to greet to say:Oh let you implicated.Say again:The I condition is bad, the somebody else sees not ascend also normal.The matchmaker seems some Lengs, ask:Big Shen son, who say that the somebody else sees not up?The somebody else agreed.Once I hear here and become overdo and be like to see monstrous to looking at matchmaker.The somebody else is very satisfied.The matchmaker says making me come to ask big brothers what attitude.You say the big brothers of An still makes to smile a field.