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So"Winter Solstice one sun living, summer solstice one Yin livings" all becomes the node of cold warm turn, this is the inexorable law.According to this regulation, Winter Solstice day, the sun annoys a growth, under the spirit influence of world, the direction of wind will take place to converse, the northwest breeze will turn into southeast breeze.

Dong Ping hears the voice that the door opens, then is the mother's voice, "Ni son, also really run to come to here."Mother grandmother of the dynasty hall house extruded 1 to smile, clench Dong Ping, pulled up her Chen Xiao Jia. He hears the Mao be a , the voice that is closed in the door.He stops to start living of inside son, foolish hope a clear night sky.

After, they chatted for about a hours.She has never said so many words for a long time.She says that that night she she a year of words all finished speaking.The time that hangs a telephone, she again ask him her number how can anyone know.He thought in a short while and hard answered a way and really wanted to find out a person, not too difficult. He says that at 6:00 p.m. tomorrow, I wait you in the coffee shop of art exhibition down stairs. At 6:00 p.m., she arrives at a coffee shop.

Time leads of really quickly, always at feel deeply about time to all go where, on winking already and graduating for more than a years, hasing already arrived at Fuzhou this is beautiful of Rong city already more than a year.Step to go into this unfamiliar city from the first time, arrive to slowly acquaint with this city, arrive again to gradually feel this city, finally breathed fancy this city, and I also from a just- graduated and young young man again slowly take off to change, grow up.Took to just step into a society of that is curious, experienced own simple or complicated affair of that was immature be getting less, innocent had no, but felt reality of ruthlessness, ideal of plump, now that can not dominate, can adapt to.More than a years were full of muddled with fan Mang;More than a years were full of happy and happiness;More than a years were full of sad with worry;More than a years got help and encouragement.

So senior high school three years I just and the purple Han have fun together.May because the parents' cause, I not love to communicate with others, I like a person quietly foolish in one side. "Ding-" had a class, everyone sat to in own position.In earnest listen to the teacher prelect, our teacher has been 28 years old, and secretly we all love to call her elder sister.She prelects and not as inflexible as other teachers, sometime, one section lesson or speak a few s, Moncler Himalaya Puffer Jacket with Hood Blue Outletspeak a text, past.

The five fingers seethes, steady be all to be "two Chans"s of winning the old men.The in front of numb sugar boxing only has a few empty Bao valleys, opponent body descend a lot of.Have the good heart the person a help to shout a boxing on his/her own initiative, but this companion sound is always first tingled sugar boxing voice Duo person crowded drop.

The interior region in winter, butterfly didn't dance in the wind in flower bush, there is no greenery, rush toward into an eyelid of is all jelly the Se Se shiver of deadwood.Saw scene like this, don't produce desolate sad, don't let the tree of oneself's life knot a more consequences.Because those deadwoods arrived warm spring still have small bud son is blooming, Moncler Himalaya Puffer Jacket with Hood Blue Outletremain everywhere all have green source of vitality Be concomitant to is a friend with us.

The computer stereo set of his table's top inside is playing one song old song.That is Zhang Guo Rong.Hence, 2 people then and without previous arrangement chat to have him.Bring up him, the Chinese medicine then speaks contentedly.Break to say he because of suffering from insomnia the tragedy of Niang just!Son Yang heart a surprised.

The big Ye year being four leads a thou sparse but the heroic spirit is pressing, the hair slightly grows Da to pull an ear point and lives to take off the shape of making the art, his Hun thick distant voice, sing a come from north of 《Hong wild goose 》, " the singing is far, musical sound Zhan, the steppe last spring idea is warm."Round view several people, or wearing a smile or applause.I can not help changing countenance, the drop of tear Su downwards dropping of the Su, arise spontaneously in heart bottom while being not a feeling bosom to harm of touched.