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Is above to prove is chase mankind within agriculture production labor regard as directly labor, in fact it belongs to indirect labor, but still can make use of the single Lao of different soil to make the mankind whom the value(unit labor production of use value) computes a different soil top to throw in with same quantity labor respectively produce of use value quantity and nature labor produce of amount of use value.Be showed from this, the calculation method is count for much proof method in the natural economics, didn't compute a method, Moncler High Collar Puffer jackets Charcoal Women Outletwe would sink into rough qualitative analysis, is not likely to find out correct science answer.But, the Kui Nai says the agriculture only can increase the amount of use value food, how do we prove that this sets question?To answer the hard nut to crack of this economics want first from look back from western and classic economics, the evolution history of economic analysis method.

The big compartment completely isolated with the external world, in response to 時晩歺 all can from the specially made window way in spread to come in.The 晩歺 is specially flourishing, the chicken duck 魚 tortoise tortoise from go without saying, moreover still have snake meat and the Chuan mountain A meat grade one strong sun delicious.

Walk on Lin Jian Xiao's way, see an ancient tree vicissitudes of life, see branches and leaves bushiness. It is the elites of Huai sea the earth to dwell for rest and study here not long since.Again is not long since, here is the military training freshman's rest of. But at present, heavy rain has already had no later on in former days tremendous. Not long since, a flock of innocent, carefree of the scallion young girl meet by chance here.

His in the mind contains his own love, commander in chief horse's daughter, Wu Liu, . Just, over Yan's destining is the jinx that he in the clout.Unexpected traffic accident, over Yan death of a woman.The only suspect only Ma Zou Ri.Fled from home for two years, Ma Zou Ri finally grossed out for smearing him, the king in king in the theater appears at the eyes of the masses are fixed on under.Ma Zou Ri became the thing in the cage that the item flies a farmland and made in the jailbird.

Heart and neck immediately feel to irritablely burn a pain and humiliate, consumedly of humiliation, also had never had to once get to beat in the teacher's hand, pour to make him open a record today!How could such a thing be possible!Can the teacher hit persons, does the government teach the teacher of place and then can trample the student's dignity!I indignantly see toward him, at the moment he that stares at his eyes expression emotion and hostility towards recruiting the function that the breeze ear completely didn't transfer attention to me, my dead.Result after expressing BE, he and then clapped two times in my forehead, and challenge ground to say:"Defy?Defy and then beat me.

Whenever their Ye several issues or read aloud the time of verse, Zhang Hui Niang usually will stop to start to mediumly live to account, Moncler High Collar Puffer jackets Charcoal Women Outlethalf true half leave ground toward they loudly the Zha shout:"Go!Go!Don't fight, don't make, stop reading what'eat'of through text.You see you this kind, oldly Be different from the old, smallly Be different from the small, the old Niang didn't wait upon you!Be really of, hungry you three day, I see you still have a spirit head sit again in the house to gossip irresponsibly eight Dians of blind noisy noisy.

pares off a bone treatment, how hero.Close cloud long again water flood seven soldiers, his loyalty, brave, righteousness, Zhi and Ao, develop thoroughly in a combat.Brothers 3 people life ambition Chou, the world will settle ……but their life also walks to end …… (three)Shu ground, the one is cold.

" The Di is pure, the Di Ze can not help sheding tears, the language takes tremolo:"The teacher trusts, we will definitely exert younger brother Shi that it can assist, don't take teacher heavy give. The family have already seen through life and death, you need not bear in mind.Your 2 people in advance returns to, I still some words want to give an account with Di Zhuo alone."Language, the Di is pure, the Di Ze wipe tears to draw off.

This says that this problem elephant argument 1+1=2, look like easy, substantially is a set of elder brother the virtuous Bach guesses of great hard nut to crack.Naturally argument labor's creating use value is also such and see easy, substantially very difficult.In economic theory history, create worthy standpoint concerning the natural forces, can ascend to trace western and classic economics, and can be divided into two partieses of classic economists.