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This may be Chinese verse at the earliest stage origins.The verse is at the writing origins early.After there being writing, then the verse can have a people devolution to arrive stone tablet to engrave, Ming text, book etc. historic monument spread.For example Europe of(Homer epic), in the crowd devolution, just can spread to now after having writing.(Book of Poetry)It is also such.Confucius collection ever since that time ancient times more than 500 year verse, edit poem 300, make the ancient messy verse is induced a sorting, spread to sing to do to contribute for Chinese verse.Art one phrase has been already jotted down in ancient cultural heritage in China.For example:《Empress man book · the Fu Zhan spread 》 :" Always and first year, the Zhao didn't hate with argument Lang Huang Jing Zi You Xi Xiao settle medium book five through, various son house, art.""The skill calls a book, Moncler Gui Quilted Puffer Vest Navy Outletnumber and shoot, resist, the Shu calls to cure, square, Bu and Shi.

Doesn't matter poor and humble rich and honored, can lead as one pleasesly like-this is what I want to say to I every day.Though now lives some Jies according to, I still like thus quiet day, simple, mild, there is annoyance, Moncler Gui Quilted Puffer Vest Navy Outletthere is enrichment, there is also dream.Say a dream, she is like a far beyond the horizon good friend, I will respect her and remember fondly her, but can't give up all strongly look for her, because I know, the original intention of dream is fine, if I go for broke anxiously and pursue her but neglected nearby those beautiful scenery, whether against dream of original meaning?So, I learned at a contented and convenient the mild heart look for my own dream, have no anxious, there is no worry anxiously, taste a life quietly, calm face living in of point intravenous drop drop, which afraid is displeasedly also good ……however say that these seemed to be a little bit to run...

Take train first to lead yellow river to new country, then take car from the new country slippery county, grasped a Yu northern big plain for the very first time, pole the eyes take a distant look, four hope limitless, wheat will soon mature season, the heat wave billowing gold color cornfield goes directly to horizon, that is the big plain!With it compare, pass in the plain is absolutely not deserve mentioning.

This small poetry aim is plentiful to look forward.The basic theory of Buddhism is "creation from sex originally empty", this also corroborated a dialectical only the principle of owner righteousness:All of world things are developments of, variety of, Moncler Gui Quilted Puffer Vest Navy Outletstatic is opposite, sport is eternal.The inner part of material's minimum unit quark is a "wave", not and actually have, time variety.

"I think that since the daughter's daughter have heart to ask, I should am correct to answer, so, in addition to satisfying her curiosity, can also make her deepen some impression to this thing.Hence, I Zi cautiously and thinly, one word a ground told her. 10-year-old daughter's daughter in addition to the love sees book and also loves foppery very much, and then knows to appreciate the United States.For some things in the daily life, she has her own original taste, special suggestion.

Once wanted to treat oneself to complete the mission that the other people gave, unloaded whole body travelling bag, unloaded whole body fame and wealth, unloaded whole body to pursue, such as a woe the poet from beginning to end was hidden to Chiang-Nan landscape and adopted chrysanthemum east to naturally see southern mountain under the hedge.Once missing a person is like Gu, the piano is like jade, the month is like frost, one song pure businessman's thing two mutually forgot.Certainly there is intimate friend, waiting me already several years.

“The underneath is a lost article announcement for found property:There is a classmate in the library today ten arrive green flower porcelain USB flash drive is a , inside have from sheared several documents like video frequency,etcs, after asking owner to hear a broadcasting soon arrive the broadcasting station claimed!”

Visit a strange stone valley(prose) today morning, mist Ming 濛 , the light breeze kisses noodles, the weather is a little bit and a little bit lightly cold, feel the Yin being cold.The title looks beyond the sky and have a liking for go to clear dark, have a little the appearance of cloudy or sunny not certain.Seem is again an open winter this year, now already near great cold solar division, but still like the weather in early spring time, the Yin is cold damp, Moncler Gui Quilted Puffer Vest Navy Outletthe drizzle floats suddenly, there is basically no evidence that the former frost and snow condescends to come, should be the ell Ni promise phenomenon again at play tricks?Our a group of people takes a coach and goes to last Ling village in the medium mountain town of the county city southwest direction, "strange stone valley" arriving a Mu already a long time visits an investigation.

The other people are all own life increment counter, you with what don't make great effort?Before you fail, no one will care your self-respect.