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Village inside always on the time in winter there are a lot of white matters and red matter, imitating the Buddha be for the sake of to busy finish the person of the matter of farmland to idle away what time use.Snow any is 9 years old winter this year, village inside north Li Jia of the head added expensive son to invite everyone to have a meal.

" Hang a telephone, I in a hurry wash Shu in clothes, proper just at 2:30 A.M..Time of going out I took a look father's room, he already sleep next, the my light hand light feet ground closes a door, then drives to seek Jian Yu. Shih-cheng at the mid-night is still very noisy, bead hill path still have many night clubs is doing business.I have already forgotten this is which the time came out to pick up Jian Yu.

Owing to I of experience, hoping each person can overcome the whole difficulties difficult to cross, resolutely decide with ownly and the first special features is a life first occupation, so everyone can well or develop possibly personal to some contributions of cosmoses creations, such, in the future cosmos creation and mankind society will be harmonious many.

My once sending you a birthday gift is a beautiful glass moon the deep red color is brilliant and ask for must how much classmate envy and envy someone and want the step that appropriated to oneself you to it to block him with the tears in fact I doesn't wish and see you and cry that day I but felling special happiness for buying a birthday gift for you, I with much ado turned all of the companies and spread probably you and don't know that that was the first time me to send the person the gift at that time Many people also send you birthday gift and is all so special this matter and make me very uncomfortable and beg your pardon the day that I am at the beginning temporarily careless at that time very hard up bought a gift also 2 piece five always wanted to have an opportunity and came again and make up who know from that behind extremely way stranger for buying a birthday gift to you I with concentration to the ambition picked the whole afternoon may you also not know that that was the last time me to send the person the gift now At present I hard work's having savings finally can can buy a valuable gift can be me to start to order a birthday candle but any further can not find your body where for buying a birthday gift to you I place heart's accumulating Lyu to run all countries probably you doesn't know that that is my only gift that send a person at a time as well foreverLiving

When the United States is worry, I rose to go into a senior high school, and took part in a new-born military training, became them a member in the shocked troops.The senior high school is the most painful student's time, can I also did for a year of wellStudent, Gao Er starts, Moncler Gerbois Puffer jackets Black Women OutletI have already started wanting to drop out from school, and I am muddle-minded to mix Gao San under the persuading of English teacher.

I love to write poem and particularly like to write some slightly take grieved of small poem, in think of to ownly come and go in the pleasant breeze bright moon.

But the happy back has an endless regret, oneself after all just takes one for the teacher section athletics lesson, she has with oneself isn't that the same fasten, want to pursue her perhaps is just 1 kind entertain wild hope. The Cao Mo of helpless bottom chose to continue to see that floral pattern shoe, own probably of the in the mind is a little bit more pleasurable.

It is some sarcastic commentses to exert in male Sun Lan Kou, can of the behavior the but again in every possible way look after and make Meng at a loss what to do, is again to respect and admire and is a surprised Bu to her, again is appreciate again is angry. This day, due to doing not take a medicine according to the hour again drive she not and lightly not rich reward two ears pare off son.

Year about 40, just had from already of one suite, one room one hall one kitchen is one Wei, construct area 54, use area smaller, typical model of single's apartments small family type, although is small, I have been very contented, top and bottom remaining of the class, have a bay that can shield from wind to block rain sweet on the whole, need not again house renting Be put up at to others under the eaves, happy remaining, Sui will it from assign name to "the Gua resides"."The Gua resides" although being small, repairing an is new, also sweet can person;The floor brick of silver white assortment, snow-white wall, the lines of perfectly straight, Moncler Gerbois Puffer jackets Black Women Outletthe ivory ceramic tile carves of kitchen, the marble of the cupboard door, lotus white of jade-green color, coffee warm color adjusts of toilet, pure pond etc..